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Please be aware that all commentary in my blog is designed to promote discourse on a variety of topics.  Though I certainly do some research on the topics discussed and often offer my "two-cents", please keep in mind that nothing I say in this blog is meant to be taken as authoritative on any subject.  My comments are really just me exercising my freedom of expression for the purpose of offering some insight on topics related to the practice of criminal law. As with all topics of discussion, it is important for you to be critical.  If you need a defence lawyer, please call 403.452.8018 for a free telephone consultation or consult with an experienced Calgary criminal lawyer. Happy reading!  Happy watching!


Calgary Protest Not Enough to Quash Bill C-51

May 28, 2015

Bill C-51, the controversial "anti-terror" legislation that many Calgarians and Canadians see as a severe encroachment on the privacy and civil liberties of the nation's citizens and guests, recently passed...

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My Stance on Calgary DUI Laws

May 20, 2015

Many people assume that because I'm a defence lawyer here in Calgary, I'm automatically opposed to laws that criminalize my clients' behavior, and that I'm always at odds with Calgary...

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