Choosing Wisely

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"A mentor of mine advertises "choose wisely".  I couldn't agree more".

Choosing wisely means retaining a criminal defence lawyer who not only has the knowledge, energy and skill to properly defend your case, but choosing one whose personality, fee structure and practice model is right for you.  For example, some defence lawyers operate more hands-on, while others work as part of a firm or collective.  There are pros and cons to each model.  For example, you might pay more for big overhead legal services.  With a large firm, you might not have a regular or direct line to your lawyer of choice. While you might get more personal service from a sole practitioner at a more affordable rate (such as me), you might prefer the team approach that a larger shop can offer. 

Of course, to decide what model is best for you, it's important to do more than simply open your wallet. You must evaluate your situation. By way of example, the more everyday, less disclosure intensive cases might not require a team of lawyers, whereas a massive disclosure file consisting of tens of thousands of pages of documents and other electronic materials might require months of all-hands-on-deck -- a service that larger firms might be better equipped to handle. 

Understanding your charges, your finances and yourself are important factors to choosing the right criminal defence lawyer for your unique circumstances. 


"Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer may be the difference between having a criminal record or not, going to jail or remaining free". 

When you hire David Chow, you get David Chow.

David Chow is not only a full service Calgary defence lawyer, drug lawyer and Calgary domestic assault lawyer who handles all criminal driving offences, he is a proven Alberta criminal lawyer who appears in all jurisdictions outside of the City of Calgary. David has handled all types of cases, including massive disclosure files involving wiretap and other advanced investigations.

Spend your hard earned money on the right criminal defence lawyer; for if you hire the wrong one, that choice could unnecessarily drain your wallet, impact your employment and possibly cost your freedom.  Defending your reputation and freedom is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make.  David Chow would appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust, confidence and business.


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