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In Alberta, allegations involving domestic violence receive special attention from the Court, Crown and law enforcement.  In Calgary, there is a specialized domestic violence courtroom, populated by specifically designated prosecutors who operate alongside the Calgary Police Service, Victim’s Assistance and other State funded organizations, such as HomeFront.  The domestic violence guideline is victim orientated.  

What distinguishes domestic violence offences from other similar charges is the relationship between the parties.  Though domestic violence protocols are generally activated in circumstances of cohabitation, the specialized court is often used in situations involving close personal relationships where the parties reside separate and apart.  Domestic violence generally embraces offences such as assault, uttering threats, mischief and criminal harassment.


If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence there is a high likelihood that you are subject to a no-contact order with the complainant, an area restriction prohibiting your attendance at your own home and perhaps restrictive conditions that prevent you from having access to your children. These restrictions may cause personal, economic and financial hardship that negatively impacts all parties (including the complainant).

Ironically, the complainant-centric domestic violence protocol may have the undesired effect of victimizing or even re-victimizing the parties.

You may even be the real victim.

Though many domestic violence charges are initiated by persons who truly require the assistance of the police, Crown or court, it is not unusual for proceedings to commence as a result of an ulterior motive, such as a child custody dispute or disagreement over who retains the primary residence.

With every domestic violence charge, the accused is placed on bail. Since conditions of release generally restrict one’s everyday life (such as the place a person calls home), the likelihood of breaching bail is oftentimes dramatically and unreasonably increased.


I am a Calgary domestic violence lawyer who understands your rights and appreciates your situation. I have successfully defended the entire spectrum of domestic violence related offences and routinely secure positive outcomes without the need of going to trial.

David Chow is not only a Calgary defence lawyer; he defends cases throughout Canada, including Yukon, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  He has a robust practice in Cochrane, Brooks and Lethbridge.

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Recent Case Results

R. v. D.K.

March 15, 2019

(Okotoks, P.C.).  David Chow secured the withdrawal of an allegation of sexual assault in a domestic context for his client.  In cases of sexual assault it is even more critical for your criminal lawyer to do everything possible to secure the withdrawal of the charges prior to trial. In this case, the accused’s innocence was bolstered by his participation in a polygraph. Though polygraph evidence is not generally admissible in criminal trial, the results of a polygraph can be useful in preventing a prosecution. In almost all cases, David Chow strongly advises against participating in a polygraph, but for D.K. his honesty was so palpable that it was worth the risk to participating in an interpretive test.  If the police are attempting to use a polygraph, call an experienced defence lawyer.  David Chow is a veteran Calgary criminal lawyer and Okotoks defence lawyer who handles cases in Cochrane, Lethbridge, Brooks, Okotoks and throughout Alberta.

R. v. C.F.

December 10, 2018

(Calgary, P.C.).  David Chow is a Calgary domestic violence lawyer who secured the withdrawal of the charges for C.F.; a client accused of assaulting his common law partner.  This case is an example of a situation where the early case where defence counsel's position was that the early case resolution (ECR) offer was too high; thus necessitating a trial. At trial, the dynamics of the case changed dramatically.  As of the date the case was finished, C.F. remained criminal record free. For a free consultation with an effective criminal lawyer in Calgary who has handled thousadns of cases, do not hesitate to 403.452.8018.

R. v. L.V.

April 11, 2018

(Calgary, P.C.) The accused was acquitted at trial after the judge believed his testimony in relation to an allegation of breaching bail conditions.  Bail conditions are becoming ever more complicated and restrictive. If you are convicted of breaching bail, that entry on your criminal record can impact everything from future bail to travel, to how police will deal with you during everyday interactions. For a Calgary bail lawyer, call David Chow.

R. v. J.H.

March 23, 2018

(Calgary, P.C.).  J.H., who had no prior criminal record, was charged with a domestic assault in Calgary. Like so many domestic incidents, the allegations arose from life stressors within the family home. David Chow managed to negotiate the withdrawal of the charges prior to having to set the case down for trial. This helped client save money and put the criminal charges behind him.  David Chow defends domestic violence offences throughout Alberta, including Calgary, Brooks, Lethbridge, Cochrane and surrounding area. Call for a free telephone consultation.  David Chow can secure a favourable outcome for your case without being unfavourable to your pocket book.