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DAVID CHOW ROUTINELY DEFENDS cases of uttering threats.

Perhaps one of the broadest offences that has an exceptionally high likelihood of capturing ordinary citizens speaking words in frustration, anger or even in jest is “uttering threats”.  This charge is effectively an utterance offence, where a person may be subject to criminal liability if they articulate a threat to cause death, bodily harm or to destroy property.

The most frustrating component of an uttering threats charge revolves around the fact that the utterance need only be interpreted objectively, such that a reasonable person would construe the words, in the context communicated to be a threat.  This means that utterances spoken in anger or frustration may very well attract criminal sanction.

I understand that human beings are more organic creatures, who often say things in the heat of the moment without truly intending the natural consequences that might be logically interpreted from the utterance.  

Understanding your situation is the starting point to a successful defence.