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Your criminal defence lawyer should be more than a website. Please feel free to navigate these webpages to find information about David Chow -- a Calgary defence lawyer of Choice. David is a Calgary impaired driving lawyer and a Calgary drug defence lawyer. This website is designed to help you in your search, but just like other websites, this one should not be exclusively relied on for the purpose of making a wise choice.  Choose a lawyer who is more than a website.

Remember, any lawyer in Calgary, Alberta or anywhere can launch a website.  Not every criminal defence lawyer can defend a case.

david chow defends drug cases and dui charges

With the legalization of marijuana the connection between impaired driving and drugs is growing.  David Chow not only defends major trafficking cases, he is a skilled Calgary impaired driving lawyer and drug lawyer.  Navigate these pages for information to help you choose wisely; then call for a free telephone consultation.  

defending domestic violence in calgary

Charged with a domestic violence offence?  Call David Chow for a free consultation. There are many avenues for defending a case of domestic assault. David understands that you may be separated from your family, your home, your pets and perhaps your job. Don't give up without getting some legal advice from an experienced Calgary domestic violence lawyer.

sometimes defending a criminal charge means your lawyer must be brutally honest

David Chow wants you to choose your defence lawyer well. Your defence lawyer is not your friend or your babysitter.  He or she is defender and sometimes defending a case, requires your lawyer to be brutally honest.  Sometimes brutal honesty hurts.  David Chow's commitment to you is that he will always be honest -- sometimes even brutally honest -- but he always defend your case when the time comes to best of his abilities. 

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