Choosing Wisely

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Choosing Wisely

Choosing a criminal defence lawyer or a roadside sanctions lawyer to assist with your case can be a daunting task. Unless you already have familiarity and a positive experience with a criminal lawyer, I suspect you have been researching defence lawyers using common channels: the Internet, references and perhaps other forms of advertising. I have included this section to try to help you find the best criminal defence lawyer for you.  Remember, the best criminal lawyer is not the same for every person or every case. Every person and every case are unique.

Reasonable Diligence

The choice to hire a criminal defence lawyer should never made hastily. The best criminal defence lawyer is the one who you have chosen only after exercising all reasonable due diligence.

Former Crown Prosecutor

Understanding how a case is prosecuted is important to understanding how a case should be defended. As a former prosecutor I have the unique experience of being on the other side.

Dedicated Practice

Don't place your trust in a dabbler, a criminal defence lawyer with a volume practice or a lawyer who seldom communicates directly with you . Place your trust in a dedicated criminal defence lawyer.

Managing a Criminal Case

Managing any criminal charge can be challenging. If understanding the law was not hard enough, navigating the procedural nuances of a courtroom can be overwhelming.

Choosing Wisely

Choose carefully; choose wisely. Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer may be the difference between having a criminal record or not, protecting your wallet, going to jail or remaining free.


Most Alberta defence lawyers represent a broad spectrum of clients. The limitations of time mean that the best criminal defence lawyers are those who prioritize for the circumstances of each individual client.