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Practice philosophy

"My philosophy to the practice of criminal law is simple: humaneness, reasonableness, liberty and compassion.  You are not merely a client or a case; you are a human being.  I understand the court process is cold and sometimes lacking in humanity.  I appreciate that being “accused” of a crime carries stigma that can be personally and professionally debilitating.  You may in fact be innocent".

Even if you are not in fact "innocent", it is fundamentally important that the State discharges its onus and respects your Charter protected interests.   As a Calgary defence lawyer, my philosophy is that true justice requires strict adherence to Constitutional principles and the rule of law. In Canada’s criminal justice system, a fundamental rule of law is that all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  This presumption drives my approach to defending criminal cases.

working together

"My Charter protected interests are your Charter protected interests. Our Charter protected interests, are the Charter protected interests for all Canadians".

Ironically, we are partners in protecting Charter rights; for your Charter protected interests are my Charter protected interests.  Indeed, your Charter protected interests are everybody’s Charter protected interests. 

One of the reasons my criminal law practice is strenuously devoted to defending impaired driving and drug cases is because these investigations often trigger consideration under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I am a Calgary defence lawyer because I strongly believe in the importance of fair prosecutions, a vigorous criminal defence and that the interest of all Canadians in a properly functioning criminal justice system. I am a Calgary impaired driving lawyer and Calgary drug lawyer because these cases routinely allow me to preserve the value of all of our Constitutionally protected interests.

alberta criminal lawyer

"Criminal defence lawyers truly committed to defending cases are not an impediment to the integrity of our criminal justice system; rather, through our clients, we are the assurance of its integrity". 

Though many Prosecutors appear to view defence counsel as in league with the accused and though many judges treat defence counsel with such disdain that it's hard to imagine that they don't think defence lawyers as virtual parties the offence, the fact is, criminal defence lawyers are an essential check-and-balance within a properly functioning system of justice. 

David Chow represents clients throughout Alberta. He has appeared many times in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. He regularly appears in Cochrane, Calgary, Lethbridge, Brooks and other jurisdictions.  For a free consultation with an experienced criminal defence lawyer based in Calgary, dial 403.452.8018. 

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