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David Chow is a full service Alberta defence lawyer, who handles criminal cases in all towns and cities throughout Alberta. He is a full service Medicine Hat criminal lawyer with a reputation for many hard fought successes. 

David has secured favourable outcomes, including verdicts of "not guilty" in all types of drug prosecutions, including multi-kilo level cocaine, fentanyl, heroin and meth trafficking. If your rights have been breached under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or you need any drug defence, call David Chow at 403.452.8018. 

Defending a drug case requires unique and special experience. Not any lawyer will do.

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David Chow defends dui in medicine hat

If you have been charged with impaired driving or an impaired driving related offence in the "Gas City" or anywhere in Alberta, call DUI lawyer, David Chow, to have your case evaluated during a free telephone consultation. Pleading guilty for DUI, blowing over or refusal will almost assuredly result in you receiving a criminal record. Don't let the Government tag you with a criminal record easily; get some advice from a qualified Medicine Hat DUI lawyer.  Call 403.452.8018.

David Chow is not only an impaired driving lawyer and drug lawyer, he is a full service criminal defence lawyer, who appears Alberta-wide.

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David Chow is a full service Alberta criminal lawyer.  Though his office is run out of Calgary, he routinely travels throughout the Province. He defends all criminal cases, including impaired driving, drug offences, domestic violence, assault, theft, fraud, internet crime and the most serious crimes of violence (such as manslaughter and murder).  David has secured "not guilty" verdicts for first and second degree murder. He has also run many jury trials. 

A real trial lawyer has a wealth of litigation experience.

Trial litigation is not something learned by conducting just a handful of cases.  It is a "practice" -- indeed, an art -- that is learned by doing it everyday.  Not every trial is the same.  The evidence is always different.. Every judge is different. Every Crown is different. Every accused is different.  Seldom is one case even close to identical to the next; but when your lawyer has seen it all (or close to it), there is little that can take him/her by surprise. That is why hiring a skilled and experienced trial lawyer may be the wisest thing you do for your defence. Finding the lawyer with the combination of experience, talent and energy can be difficult.  Talk to David Chow to see if he fits your needs.

Find a criminal lawyer with a practice philosophy that makes sense to you, call for a Free Telephone Consultation.

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Domestic violence is handled by specialized courts throughout Alberta. Medicine Hat is no different. It has a domestic violence courtroom. If you have been charged with domestic assault in Medicine Hat there is a high likelihood that you are under bail conditions that may be keeping you from going home. Don't be hasty in accepting a criminal record for a violent offence In many cases, domestic incidents can be resolved without a criminal record. Resolutions include "withdrawal" of the charges, "Peace Bond", "Alternative Measures", "discharge" or sometimes to fight the imposition of a criminal record, you must win at trial.  

David Chow a proven trial lawyer.  

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