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David Chow is a criminal defence lawyer in Alberta who appears in jurisdictions throughout the Country. He first appeared as trial counsel in Whitehorse, Yukon on a high profile Fentanyl trafficking case.  Though David spends much of his time defending high profile drug cases (such as multi-kilo Fentanyl trafficking), he defends clients charged with any criminal offence. He is a proven DUI lawyer.  He has secured verdicts of "not guilty" for murder.

David is looking to start a mobile practice to Whitehorse. Though the City of Whitehorse is stocked with a number of quality defence lawyers, there may be reasons why you need a fresh face.  If you need a different Whitehorse criminal lawyer give David Chow a call. He would appreciate the chance to earn your business.  

Feel free to peruse this website for information about David Chow, the cases he defends and the jurisdictions he attends. Learning about the criminal defence lawyer you are looking to hire is perhaps the wisest thing you can do.  That said, always remember, any lawyer can have a website. Any lawyer can advertise.  There are many great defence lawyers who don't have a website or a single Google review. At the same time, there are many pretenders with a pristine online presence. Be diligent and choose wisely.

whitehorse dui lawyer

Impaired driving is a criminal offence that carries the minimum punishment if convicted of a fine, criminal record and driving prohibition. Though DUI is a criminal offence with penalties that do not permit a second chance, it is often committed by people who never expected to find themselves facing charges in a criminal prosecution.  Many don't know that an impaired driving (or related) conviction could keep you from travelling to the United States.

Looking for a Whitehorse DUI lawyer?  Call 1.403.452.8018.

WHITEHORSE Domestic assault LAWYER

No jurisdictions are insulated from domestic violence.  Simply being charged with domestic assault in Whitehorse or anywhere in Canada can be life altering.  Though you are presumed innocent, your bail conditions may be stopping you from returning home and are likely prohibiting you from having contact with your family. Child welfare and family services may be involved. You may be the subject of a civil restraining order.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence in Whitehorse, get some competent legal advice.  This telephone call is free: 403.452.8018.

whitehorse drug lawyer

Being convicted of any drug offence can dramatically restrict your life options. Travel to the United States is likely impossible. Many employers are sceptical of persons with a drug record and some companies have policies to avoid hiring people with a drug record at all.  Of course, these are likely the more minor consequences of a conviction for a drug offence.  The sentencing responses from Courts across the Country are, especially for certain types of drugs and drug offences, becoming increasingly more harsh. Small scale commercial trafficking of Schedule 1 substances -- such as cocaine, heroin, meth and Fentanyl -- can land you (if convicted) in a Federal Penitentiary for anywhere from 3-7 years or more depending on the nature of the substance.  Since Fentanyl is a fatality drug, it is attracting the most sever sentencing response.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Whitehorse (or anywhere) the smartest thing you can do is select a Whitehorse drug lawyer with a proven track record for successfully defending these types of cases.  


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