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"I don't think there are many criminal defence lawyers who defend drug cases well.  However, I like to think I am one of them. But don't take my word for it. Do your research. Ask around. Call me for a free consultation and decide for yourself".

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David Chow has been a drug lawyer in Calgary since 2005.  He was trained by one of the best. 

Defending  a drug charge is becoming increasingly more difficult.  Not only is an accused facing the weight of a potentially resource heavy police investigation – one that may involve a plethora of techniques including the use of undercover operators, wiretap, tracking devices, complex surveillance (such as from a motor vehicle, aircraft or video), ruse traffic detentions, search warrants and Confidential Informants – the accused must overcome the general stigma of being charged with a drug crime.  The stigma emanating from many drug offences may be so overpowering as to cloud the presumption of innocence and to marginalize Charter rights in favour of the noble cause of convicting and incarcerating drug offenders.  Trafficking in opioids is attracting very harsh sentencing responses from the Court.

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The "war on drugs" in Calgary is being fought hard by the Government through its police and prosecution services.  To defend your drug charges, retain a Calgary drug lawyer who can fight back.

Defending a drug case requires a Calgary drug lawyer who understands the complex machinations of our legal system.  


David Chow is an experienced drug lawyer who is cognizant of the many subtle nuances of our criminal law.  He understands the interrelationship between the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the common law. David prides himself on having the experience and imagination to visualize the investigation, to see its weaknesses and the courage to exploit flaws in the Crown’s case.  

David Chow has successfully defended the entire spectrum of drug offences, including multi-kilo trafficking, importation, production, possession for the purpose of trafficking and drug prosecutions co-mingling other allegations such as firearms offences and crimes of violence. David is an Alberta defence lawyer, who has appeared throughout the entire province, as well as British Columbia and Saskatchewan. He has firm foothold in jurisdictions outside of Calgary, including Cochrane and Lethbridge.

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Recent Case Results

R. v. L.B.C.

October 4, 2021

(Lethbridge, P.C. - Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking).  LBC was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, meth and Fentanyl, along with weapons offences, proceeds of crime and identity offences (such as possession of forged identification). In this case, Lethbridge police received confidential source information about a drug trafficking operation in Lethbridge. The investigation into suspected targets involved an assortment of standard investigative techniques, including mobile surveillance.  The accused was arrested after exiting a local restaurant.  No drugs were found during search incident to arrest. Police obtained  search warrants for various places, including residences. Police also conducted interrogatory interviews with the various suspects, including LBC. During the interview of LBC there was a clear breach of right to counsel contrary to s. 10(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  After reviewing the disclosure, David Chow filed a substantial Charter Notice alleging breaches of s. 8 (search and seizure) and s. 10 (right to counsel). The search issues were intriguing because surveillance was fairly innocuous. At the time the warrants were executing much of the information was stale dated (meaning old). Ultimately, all charges against LBC were properly withdrawn by the Crown. The Charter Notice was the vehicle for withdrawal. If you are in the market for a drug lawyer in Alberta, call David Chow for a free initial consultation. David Chow has successfully defended serious drug cases throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. 

R. v. O.E.O.

May 28, 2021

(Calgary, P.C. - PPT/Gun). OEO was charged with serious offences, including possession for the purpose of trafficking (PPT) heroin and meth along with possession of a loaded, restricted handgun.  OEO was arrested while in the presence of others, who police were executing an arrest warrant. After a footmchase OEO was first engaged by a canine and then by officer. OEO sustained injuries as a result of the canine.  OEO was looking at significant Federal penitentiary jail time if convicted. Not guilty pleas were eventually entered and trial dates were set. The Defence filed a fully argued Charter Notice alleging breaches of sections 7, 8, 9 and 12 of the Charter.  The Defence was position was that OEO was unlawfully arrested and that the manner of the arrest was unreasonable.  OEO successfully defended the case.  PPT heroin has a starting point sentence of 4 years in custody. Possessing a loaded restricted firearm would have substantially to the total jail time. David Chow is a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary who has been defending drug cases since resigned as a Crown Prosecutor and joined the criminal "defence" bar in 2005. David understands that successfully defending a drug prosecution often requires a substantial amount of work at the front, middle and back of the case. If you have been charged with a drug or gun crime, call for a free initial consultation.  If you are looking for the best Calgary drug lawyers, don't trust a self aggrandizing advertisement trying to get your business. Interview and investigate a number of Calgary criminal lawyers and remember, some of the best defence lawyers may not even have a website. 

R. v. S.O.S.

March 18, 2021

(Didsbury P.C. - Bail/PPT/Armed Robbery). Defending drug prosecutions is consistently becoming more labour intensive and complex. Adding to the challenges defending trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking charges is that bail conditions for those charged with drug offences can oftentimes be extremely onerous. In SOS's case, the accused was on bail for multiple offences, including armed robbery and possession for the purpose of trafficking. The latter allegation arose in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Though the accused had no criminal record, the bail order for the Saskatchewan charges included a condition granting powers to police to search on reasonable suspicion. SOS was detained in Didsbury, searched on the basis of the suspicion clause and ultimately charged with more trafficking relating offences. The bail hearing was hard fought, but ultimately pressing for release by way of an ankle monitoring program, SOS secured judicial interim release. David Chow is an experienced Calgary bail lawyer who has successfully obtained judicial interim release for clients charged with the most serious of crimes. This includes multi-kilo level drug trafficking, sexual assault, firearms offences and serious crimes of violence, including murder. Need a bail lawyer? Call Calgary criminal lawyer, David Chow, for a free consultation.

R. v. K.M.A.

February 9, 2021

(Calgary, P.C. - Murder). David Chow was part of the defence team for an accused in Court when the Crown stayed murder charges against three-men at the start of a preliminary inquiry on February 8th, 2020. When a stay is directed by the Crown, it has 12 months to revive the case. Outside Court, the Crown acknowledged that the case “could” be revived; stating: “there’s always a chance”.  A “stay” is appropriate where there is a reasonable prospect that the proceedings may be reinitiated. It is not unusual for the Crown to stay a charge to permit police the opportunity to reinvestigate matters that were previously unforeseen. Therefore, a stayed charge can be revived if the Crown or Police uncover new evidence that was either not available at the time the original prosecution was initiated or in circumstances where the new evidence was unforeseen.   In the opinion of this  Calgary criminal lawyer, there is a reasonable concern that charges may be reinitiated. David Chow is a full service criminal defence lawyer in Alberta.  David has successfully defended many homicide cases. If you or a loved one are looking for a criminal lawyer to defend a murder case, the stakes are extremely high. Don't settle for just anybody -- be diligent and find the right lawyer.  This means that you must speak to many defence counsel and weigh your options.