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As aforementioned, impaired driving is not only an alcohol related offence, it is a drug related offence.  The Criminal Code stipulates that impaired driving can be by alcohol or drug. The police have at their disposal a number of investigative options to detect impairment by drug, including the use of approved drug screening devices, physical roadside sobriety tests and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). 

In 2018, Marijuana was legalized in Canada.  With the legalization of cannabis law enforcement has been in the process of perfecting marijuana screening.  With its efforts to detect impairment by weed, law enforcement is also expanding its ability to detect impairment by other street drugs, such as cocaine, MDMA and opioids.  

Defending DUI by drug

Defending a DUI by drug requires a serious and experienced DUI lawyer. If you have been charged with impaired driving by drug, defending the case is not about following an established defence paradigm; for these prosecutions may require more than just the ordinary DUI evidence.  For instance, where alcohol detection devices have been used for decades, the accuracy of approved drug screening devices is still to be determined. Furthermore, though most people have an understanding about what a person looks like who is "drunk", evaluating a person for drug impairment requires a more trained eye. For court purposes, this training could come through the evidence of a drug recognition expert (DRE). Accordingly, you need an impaired driving lawyer who understands the multi-facetted approach to defending DUI by drug cases.  Cross-examining experts requires a vaster skill set than examining non-expert police witnesses. 

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