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managing your criminal case

"Managing any criminal charge can be challenging.  If understanding the law was not hard enough, navigating the procedural nuances of a courtroom can be overwhelming.  I can help manage your case". 

Perhaps more important than the technical nuances of the law itself are the procedural dynamics of appearing in court. Any reasonably astute criminal defence lawyer will have noticed the frustration experienced by self represented litigants trying to navigate a courtroom. The law is an unwieldy monster, consisting of rules and practices that baffles even the most experienced lawyers.  As you progress through the various levels of court -- Provincial Court to the Court of Queen's Bench to the Court of Appeal -- the procedure gets more bureaucratic and unwieldy. 

Arguably, many practice rules are crafted and designed to help the administration of justice, with little regard for the lonely litigant wandering through the morass of procedure that feels more like a stonewall designed to obstruct than a clear path to accessing justice.  Thankfully, criminal law doesn't suffer the same degree of frustration to process as other legal disciplines -- and with good reason -- but it's still not entirely intuitive and certainly not necessarily easy. With increasing administration and bureaucracy within the courts, things are not getting better, they are getting worse. 

Criminal justice might even at times appear insensitive to the accused. By way of example, during the COVID pandemic, Courts across Alberta locked their doors, failed to provide the public with accessible information or direction about appearing in court, with some jurisdictions actually issuing warrants for arrest for those failing to appear.  Yes, this has happened.  

Investing in a criminal defence lawyer to help manage your case in court might be the wisest thing you do. In the short run, you might have to open your wallet to pay fees, but payment of those fees might be the difference between not only successfully defending your case but ensuring that you dramatically reduce the likelihood of having to defend others cases (such as failing to appear) in the future.  A criminal lawyer might even save you a lot of time and expense in just having to navigate the administrative and procedural quagmire imbedded into our criminal justice system.

charged with a crime in alberta? 

"Remember, any lawyer can advertise on a website, not every lawyer can manage a case in a Courtroom". 

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Calgary or anywhere in Canada, protect yourself by retaining a proven defence lawyer.  Do your research and choose wisely

David Chow has represented well over a thousand clients throughout Alberta, British Columbia, the Territories and Saskatchewan.  He has successfully defended the vast majority of his cases. He has won hundreds of trials and roadside sanctions adjudications. He has helped most of his clients avoid a criminal record and kept almost all of his clients out of jail.  David is a proven jury trial lawyer who has secured verdicts of "not guilty" for murder.

Many Calgary criminal lawyers have websites boasting about their success (even this one).  David Chow is a senior criminal defence lawyer who has had actual, proven success.  However, don't take his word for it; be diligent and  call (403) 452-8018 for a free consultation.  

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