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David Chow is a full service Lethbridge criminal lawyer with his main office located in Calgary, Alberta. He has earned a solid reputation for defending labour intensive cases, including homicide, drug trafficking, drug importation and conspiracy.  He also defends the more common cases, including domestic assault, sexual assault, impaired driving, dangerous driving, theft, fraud and possession of stolen property.  If you have been charged with a criminal offence, David Chow can defend it.

David Chow is a Lethbridge drug lawyer and  Lethbridge DUI lawyer

As a former Crown Prosecutor, David brings a unique skill set to the practice of criminal law. He is not only well versed in handling surveillance cases, search warrants and wiretap, he prides himself on litigating Constitutional cases.  Defending a criminal case is not only about knowing the law and the way around a courtroom, its about having enough imagination to see arguments and issues that others fail to see. Identifying the legal issue is not enough; your lawyer must have the know-how, energy and courage to implement the defence. Drug defence and impaired driving defence are well suited to an imaginative litigation perspective.

Though the City has a number of quality Lethbridge DUI lawyers, you might need a fresh perspective. Defend your DUI charge in Lethbridge.

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Understanding both side of the case is critical to a successful defence. Do not settle for just any criminal defence  lawyer; do your due diligence and choose wisely.  The art of defending a case is about your lawyer being honest and pursuing all available paths to a favourable outcome in the client's unique circumstances.  Sometimes litigating a case at trial is neither in the clients legal interest or economic interest.  For example, in a domestic assault context, there are non-trial options that do not involve a criminal record (such as Peace Bond) that are sometimes available.  Of course, securing the withdrawal of a charge early in the proceedings is always pursued when it is reasonable to do so. 

David Chow defends clients throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  If you need a senior and proven Lethbridge defence lawyer call 403.452.8018 for a Free Telephone Consultation.

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