Reasonable Diligence

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"The choice to hire a criminal defence lawyer to defend a criminal charge or a roadside sanction should never made hastily. The best criminal defence lawyer is the one who you have chosen only after exercising all reasonable diligence".

Exercising all reasonable due diligence in hiring a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary or anywhere else is critical to both defending the case, protecting your wallet and easing your mind.  A defence lawyer who lacks the knowledge, instincts and experience to successfully defend a criminal charge should probably be avoided. 

The lawyer's ability to defend the charge, however, is not the only thing you should consider. 

How much does the lawyer cost?  Does the lawyer seem like he or she is the type of lawyer, running the type of business, to meet your expectations?  Since a criminal charge can be extremely stressful, it's important to ensure that your choice of counsel is one who is capable of instilling trust and confidence as your case progresses through court. In short, you might hire a skilled lawyer, but he or she might cost more than the service is worth. Even if the lawyer is skilled and affordable, he or she might not be able to manage you through a difficult situation.

survey a number of lawyers

"To hire the right lawyer for you, I recommend that you survey a number of criminal defence lawyers". 

Compare the lawyers.  Did the lawyer answer the telephone?  Did the lawyer take the time to listen to your situation?  Did the lawyer focus on important details? Did the lawyer appear to understand the law?  How much is the lawyer's initial retainer and was he or she able to give you some idea about future costs?

the best criminal defence lawyers 

"I am a full service Calgary based criminal lawyer with over two-decades of real criminal law experience.  I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business". 

Many Calgary criminal lawyers have websites boasting about their success.  The best Calgary criminal lawyers are not necessarily the ones you find ranked by an Internet search engine. 

David Chow's skills are proven by years of actually litigating trials, not merely pleading client's guilty.  David understands and has successfully defended against complex prosecutions not handled by ordinary defence lawyers.  This includes wiretap, mutual legal assistance treaties and advanced undercover techniques. David Chow also understands the many nuances to properly defending the seemingly more simple cases. Since becoming law in December 2020, David is probably one of the lawyers in Alberta who has defended the most immediate roadside sanctions cases. David Chow offers full criminal law services throughout Alberta.


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