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David Chow is a Calgary defence lawyer with a reputation for success

David is not only a Calgary criminal defence lawyer; he is a former Crown Prosecutor who understands how to implement a winning defence.

David G. Chow

"I started defending cases in 1999 with Student Legal Assistance (SLA).  I have been perfecting my skills as a criminal defence lawyer for two-decades. If you have been charged with a crime or a roadside sanction, give me a call; I may be able to put my experience to work for you".

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"Though I have learned over the years to practice smarter and more efficient, one thing has never changed; my interest is your best interest -- my sole objective is to successfully defend your case".

about david chow

"Law is consuming. To practice law well is to be consumed by it".

Though he may not appear the part, David’s lineage is both Chinese and German.  He was born in Calgary, Alberta where he spent much of his childhood growing up at Chestermere Lake.  David was educated in Calgary.  His post secondary education includes both undergraduate and graduate work. 

David has a B.A. in Philosophy and was a master's student in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Calgary. As a graduate student David studied theories of Memetics -- then defined as the interplay between biology, culture and cultural evolution.  In 1998 a "meme" was understood as a unit of cultural replication. Today, a "meme" is little more than a misunderstood social tool used to attract fingers to a "like" button.

David’s true love is teaching.  His biggest regret is not completing his post-graduate studies in Philosophy.

"Law is consuming.  Today I read law. I used to read a lot more good books and literature than I do now".  

When he is not immersed in the practice of law, David enjoys reading philosophy, comic books, writing, running, time with friends, music, vintage port, tequila, relaxing with his dog, exotic dining and travel. David looks forward to completing his Viking northern European adventure, which will begin and end in Amsterdam.  David is inspired by the music of the Finnish symphonic rockers, Nightwish.  He is fascinated with Norse Mythology and was once addicted to Sunday evening episodes of Game of Thrones.

a dedicated criminal lawyer

David has dedicated his professional life to defending those accused of crime. He believes in the presumption of innocence. He believes in our Charter protected interests and holds firm to the view that his Charter interests or your Charter interests. 

For a free consultation with a Calgary and area criminal lawyer committed to "not guilty", call 403.452.8018 for a free telephone consultation.

"Law is consuming. Let's be honest, for those of us devoted to the study and practice of  law, we are both smarter and dumber for it."