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The town of Okotoks is a member of the Calgary Regional Partnership and has grown to over 28,000 people.  With its grown and proximity to Calgary, there is a need for quality Okotoks defence lawyers who have real experience in the practice of criminal defence. Though the Okotoks court sees almost every type of criminal charge, the most common prosecuted offences are impaired driving, drug offences and domestic violence.

Much of David Chow's career has been devoted to persons charged with drug offences.  He consistently successfully defends everything from simple possession of drugs, to impaired driving by drug, to multi-kilo level trafficking, importation and production.  David is confident that he can earn your business as your Okotoks drug lawyer of choice.  

Whatever you have been charged with, David Chow can defend it. 

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The police are instructed to lay charges in most cases of domestic violence. The Crown is heavily resourced to fully prosecute domestic violence cases. With the combination of Alberta's struggling economy along with a heavily resourced Prosecution service specialized to handle domestic violence charges in Okotoks and throughout Alberta, there are numerous accused charged with domestic assault in all jurisdictions.  Okotoks is no exception. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence, hiring a capable Okotoks domestic assault lawyer might be the best decision you ever make. 

Domestic assault can sometimes be resolved without having to go to trial and without a criminal record. Be duly diligent. Protect yourself.  A criminal record can stay without you forever.  A conviction for assault can be an impediment to many things, including travel to the United States.

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