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Before it was a town, Fort Macleod (originally called "Macleod") was originally a Royal Mounted Police (RCMP) barracks.  Today, Fort Macleod is a small town situated along the highway, essentially between Calgary and Lethbridge.  The Provincial Court of Alberta operates at least once per week.  Though Prosecution services in Fort Macleod come from Lethbridge, most defence counsel appearing in Fort Macleod are either Lethbridge defence lawyers or Calgary criminal lawyers. 

David Chow is a Calgary-based criminal defence lawyer who appears in Courts throughout Alberta.  If you have been charged with any offence in Fort Macleod call for a free telephone consultation.  David Chow is a full service Fort Macleod criminal lawyer.  He defends the entire spectrum of criminal charges, including impaired driving, drugs, domestic violence, property crimes and homicide.  

fort macleod dui lawyer and drug lawyer

David Chow has been defending DUI cases since 1999 (before he was a lawyer). Trained by one of the best drug lawyers in the Province of Alberta, David has been defending drug cases -- including importation and multi-kilo level trafficking involving firearms and violence -- since 2005. 

Charged with impaired driving?  Call David Chow -- he is a DUI lawyer in Alberta with a proven track record of successfully defending his clients.

Charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, drug trafficking, importation, production or any drug crime?  David Chow has defended some of the most difficult cases.  

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, not any Alberta lawyer will do. You should invest in a proven and skilled Alberta criminal lawyer.  Contact David Chow and give him a chance to earn your business.  


For a free telephone consultation  call 403.452.8018.


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