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"Understanding how a case is prosecuted is important to understanding how a case should be defended. As a former crown prosecutor I have the unique experience of understanding  what is needed to prove a criminal case.  I also understand the internal workings and machinations of the prosecutor's office.  I understand what it's like to be on the other side".

Understanding how a case is investigated and prosecuted is crucial to fully understanding how a case should be defended.  In my experience, I see that some criminal defence lawyers take a myopic view to defending their client. Some defence lawyers are prolific resolvers, some good trial lawyers; some defence counsel are very good at litigating Charter issues while others rely on exceptional cross-examination skills.  Some lawyers are skilled researchers and writers. In my view, the best criminal defence lawyer for you is the one who is armed with a full set of tools to fit every case.  A useful tool is being able to see the case from the prosecutor's perspective. 

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"Don't take my word for it. Do your research. Give me a call. Even if you don't hire me, I am confident that if your question is criminal law related, I can still offer you some insight and helpful advice."

Let me be very clear: just because a criminal defence lawyer is a former prosecutor doesn't mean they are the right lawyer for you. Like all human beings, some prosecutors are better than others -- some former prosecutors are better than others (perhaps even much better). There are a number of high quality Calgary criminal lawyers who have never been employed at the Crown prosecutor's office.  To be clear, there are some former crown prosecutors, now criminal lawyers, who wouldn't make my shortlist (or my list at all), so why should they make yours?  The only way for you to make the right choice is to exercise due diligence when choosing your defence lawyer. 

Though the badge of being a former prosecutor is something you should consider, it is but one factor.  

To help you make the right choice, I offer a free initial telephone consultation. I encourage you to use a lawyer's free consultation to gather information so that you are best positioned to retain not just any Calgary criminal lawyer, but the right defence lawyer for you.


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