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david chow routinely defends robbery cases.

Robbery is effectively a theft that involves a degree of violence.  The degree of violence need not be excessive to constitute a robbery. For example, if a person utters a threat and steals somebody’s belongings, that is a robbery.  Compelling a person to surrender his or her belongings while brandishing a weapon could constitute robbery.

Robbery can occur in a variety of contexts, including: street muggings, convenience store robberies and bank robberies.  The context of the robbery determines the consequence if convicted. For example, the Alberta Court of Appeal has established a 3 year starting point jail sentence for convenience store robberies. Bank robberies generally command 4 years or more.  Sentencing for street mugging robberies varies greatly depending upon the circumstances.  Any robbery involving a weapon, and in particular a firearm, will attract sterner sentences.

The facts that might support a robbery are many and as such, it is important that you retain a Calgary criminal lawyer who is experienced in defending robbery cases.

Recent Case Results

R. v. L.B.

June 15, 2010

A.B.C.A. 90 (Alta C.A.) – Client was convicted of a convenience store robbery.  On appeal, a new trial was ordered due to identification issues.  Ultimately, the client successfully defended the case.