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Robbery is effectively a theft that involves a degree of violence.  The degree of violence need not be excessive to constitute a robbery. For example, if a person utters a threat and steals somebody’s belongings, that is a robbery.  Compelling a person to surrender his or her belongings while brandishing a weapon could constitute robbery.

Robbery can occur in a variety of contexts, including: street muggings, convenience store robberies and bank robberies.  The context of the robbery determines the consequence if convicted. For example, the Alberta Court of Appeal has established a 3 year starting point jail sentence for convenience store robberies. Bank robberies generally command 4 years or more.  Sentencing for street mugging robberies varies greatly depending upon the circumstances.  Any robbery involving a weapon, and in particular a firearm, will attract sterner sentences.

The facts that might support a robbery are many and as such, it is important that you retain a Calgary criminal lawyer who is experienced in defending robbery cases.  David Chow defends robbery cases in Calgary, Cochrane, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and throughout Alberta. Call 403.452.8018.

Recent Case Results

R. v. L.B.

June 15, 2010

A.B.C.A. 90 (Alta C.A.) – Client was convicted of a convenience store robbery.  On appeal, a new trial was ordered due to identification issues.  Ultimately, the client successfully defended the case.