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If you have been charged with a criminal offence, arm yourself with some knowledge about your case by getting some preliminary legal advice. This might be the best decision you ever make.
Your interests are multifaceted. Avoid a criminal record. Stay out of jail. Win the trial. Move on with your life. I understand. But what you should understand is that the Administration of Justice benefits when you just plead guilty. Guilty pleas are expedient; they legitimize police action and usually result in the acquisition of a criminal record. A criminal record may dog you for the rest of your life. The police will treat you differently than those who do not have a criminal record. You may even lose employment opportunities or the ability to travel to foreign countries. It is not unusual for United States Border Services to decline entry for persons charged with certain kinds of criminal offences.
To help you gain some immediate understanding about your case, I offer a free initial telephone consultation. In this consultation, I will do my best to supply you with a basic understanding of your case and some insight as to whether your charge(s) might be successfully defended. Of course, any preliminary opinion is without the benefit of disclosure (which can alter the complexion of any opinion) , but a preliminary assessment might help ease your mind in difficult times.

OUR Fees

If you intend upon hiring Calgary defence lawyer, David Chow, to defend your criminal charges, you will be required to pay fees in at least two parts. Firstly, the retainer: this constitutes the initial deposit for David to start working for you.
Secondly, the action fee: this is a flat fee designed to pay for specific types of service. For example, David will quote a trial fee, a guilty plea fee or fees for other services, such as obtaining Alternative Measures, conducting bail hearings or completing Peace Bonds. For any case that takes more than a full-day to complete, David usually charges a discounted per diem rate. To understand the cost of your legal defence, call Calgary defence lawyer, David Chow for a free consultation today.


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