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Some Cases handled by Calgary Criminal Lawyer, David Chow

Cases presented here are only some of the cases handled by David Chow. All cases use lettering to protect the identity of the client for solicitor-client privilege purposes. The case lettering does not necessarily reflect the client's actual initials.  David has successfully defended many clients not represented here. Case results are updated periodically and thus are not necessarily up-to-date.   

A good reason to review the posted cases handled by David Chow is to learn some legal principles about an actual case and how that particular case was handled.

SafeRoads v. B.B.

(Alberta SafeRoads - Notice of Administrative Penalty/Roadside Sanctions).  An impaired driving complaint was lodged against BBB by an Informant with questionable motivation.

SafeRoads v. B.H.

(SafeRoads, Alberta - Roadside Sanctions/NAP/Refusal). BH was issued a roadside sanction for refusing to comply with a mandatory alcohol screening demand.

R. v. B.R.

(Calgary, P. C. - Failing to Appear). BR was charged with impaired driving in a very dated case. The accused failed to appear.

R. v. K.K.S.

(Grande Prairie, P. C. - Impaired Driving). KKS was charged with impaired driving out of Grande Prairie. This accused was also served a "Notice of Administrative Penalty"/Roadside Sanction.

R. v. T.M.

(Calgary, P. C. - Driving while Prohibited). Driving while prohibited is often a discretionary charge laid by police.

R. v. B.R.

(Calgary, P. C. - Impaired driving and Over 80).

R. v. J.S.J.

(Calgary P. C. - Theft Under $5000). S. J. was charged with theft under $5000 for an incident that occurred at a local department store.

R. v. A.S.A.

(Calgary, P. C. - Fraud Over $5000). A. S. was charged with fraud over $5000 for an alleged incident involving a family member. The Prosecution's evidence was very weak.

R. v. S.A.S.

(Alta. P. C. - Fraud Over $5000). This accused person, with no prior criminal record, was charged with fraud over $5000.

R. v. S.D.

(Calgary, P. C. - Domestic Assault). In Canadian criminal law, an "assault" is essentially an intentional non-consensual touching by the accused of another.

R. v. T.P.

(Calgary, P. C. - Harassment and Breach). TP was charged with criminal harassment and breaching bail conditions in relation to allegations violating an area restriction and following the complainant.

R. v. K.A.

(Calgary Provincial Court of Justice - Criminal Harassment and Breach of Recognizance).

R. v. A.A.K.

(Calgary, P. C. - Criminal Harassment). AAK was charged with criminal harassment in relation to a former intimate partner.

R. v. H.N.

(Calgary, P. C. - Criminal Harassment). As essential element of "criminal harassment" is that the complainant reasonably fears for his or her safety.

SafeRoads v. C.B.

(Alberta SafeRoads - Immediate Roadside Sanctions/IRS).

R. v. D.E.

(Calgary, P. C. - Domestic Assault/Self Defence).  In criminal law, self defence is a defence of justification for assault.

R. v. L.D.L.

(Calgary, P. C. - Breach of Bail). Judicial Interim Release or bail is one of the most important components of Canada's criminal justice system.

R. v. L.D.L.

(Calgary, P. C. - Assault Causing Bodily Harm). In Canada, there are several kinds of assault.

SafeRoads v. F.T.

(SafeRoads Alberta - N. A. P. ). In 2020 the Alberta Government enacted the Provincial Administrative Penalties Act.

R. v. J.R.D.

(Strathmore, P. C. - Drug Trafficking). JRD was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine.

SafeRoads v. C.W.F.

(Alberta Director of SafeRoads - Notice of Administrative Penalty).

R. v. N.B.B.

(Medicine Hat, P. C. - Domestic Assault). Assault is a commonly charged criminal offence.

R. v. J.A.S.

(Cochrane, P. C. - Impaired driving/Over 80).