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David Chow understands the stigma of being charged with an internet crime.

The digital world of the Internet has become a playground for human activity, and as such, law enforcement has extended its reach from the real world to the virtual world. Specialized police units constantly comb the world-wide-web for suspected criminal activities. In Alberta, most Internet related offences relate to situations of online form or pornography.  However, the Internet is becoming fertile grounds for police to monitor suspected terrorist activity and other purported criminal acts.  

Prosecuting an Internet offence has its own peculiar dynamics.  Police routinely obtain Production Orders to secure information from Internet providers for simple data, such as your I.P. Address. Production orders and search warrants are also regularly used by investigators to obtain credit card information, search engine histories and social networking habits.  The police might even obtain a search warrant to enter your home and seize your computer and/or other electronic devices.

The goal of the investigation is likely to put you as the person who accessed certain websites, possessed certain data or engaged in specific kinds of fraudulent Internet activity.

The point is, if you have been charged with an Internet crime you need a lawyer who understands the rules of evidence; for the avenue for admissibility of information gleaned by investigators during an Internet crime investigation may not be clear. You need a lawyer who appreciates that just because data is on your computer,does not mean that you were the person who placed it their.