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Have you received a Notice of Administrative Penalty (NAP)?  If you have, there is a very high likelihood that you are now subject to immediate roadside sanctions (IRS) pursuant to the Provincial Administrative Penalties Act and its concomitant regulations.

Did you know that pursuant to s. 7(1) of the Act you only have 7 DAYS to dispute the NAP?  If you miss this deadline and wish to fight the sanctions, the reality is that you may be out of luck. After 7 days, SafeRoads Alberta will only grant a “late review” of immediate roadside sanctions if there are “exceptional circumstances” that resulted in late filing.


“To file your dispute, you will need the paperwork served on you by the police”.

Filing a NAP dispute requires you to access the SafeRoads Portal. To do so, you will need the Notice of Administrative Penalty/Immediate Roadside Sanction document for the purpose of inputting the required information. Specifically, you will need to input:

  1. Your last name.
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. The Contravention Number.
  4. The Occurrence time.

The “contravention number” is the 10 digit number on the upper right-side of the NAP beginning with “A” and ending with “O”.  The “occurrence time” can be found near the top of your document, left of centre. If you input the wrong information or SafeRoads has committed a data entry error, the contravention will not be found and you will not be permitted access to the SafeRoads Portal.

Data Entry errors by law enforcement or SafeRoads administrators are not uncommon. Since you only have 7 days to file your NAP dispute, I encourage you to start early just in case you run into filing difficulties.

GROUNDS TO DISPUTE roadside sanctions

“Though it is difficult, there may be a legal path to having your Notice of Administrative Penalty cancelled”.

Successfully disputing a NAP is difficult to say the least. The evidentiary framework is heavily weighted in favour of the Government. There are, however, a variety of issues that may result in a notice of administrative penalty (NAP) being cancelled (or successfully defended). 

If you are looking to hire a lawyer to fight your immediate roadside sanctions, call David Chow for a free telephone consultation. He is a Calgary based criminal lawyer who handles roadside sanctions cases throughout the province.

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Recent Case Results

SafeRoads v. P.S.P.

March 11, 2021

(Calgary, NAP-IRS).  PSP was issued immediate roadside sanctions by way of a notice of administrative penalty. Like so many cases where a person is charged or sanctioned by law enforcement (either through the criminal law or a regulatory scheme), the investigating agency stumbles into a situation, only to observe a partial event without context.  In this case, though PSP was not initially in care or control of the vehicle -- and had not intention to do so -- circumstances unfolded that caused her to be behind the wheel.  Specifically, PSP's partner slid on ice and the vehicle got lodged in a snow bank. To get the vehicle dislodged, PSP's partner was the stronger person and so he pushed while PSP steered the vehicle out of the snowbank. Unfortunately, just as the pair got unstuck and were about to change positions, police rolled up and investigated PSP for impaired driving. PSP had her notice of administrative penalty cancelled on grounds relating to the collection of the breath samples. Notwithstanding the cancellation, the SafeRoads IRS framework still exacted a punishment; for PSP's vehicle was impounded and incurred impound fees for 30 days.  Issued immediate roadside sanctions? Call a Calgary roadside sanctions lawyer for advice. David Chow offers a free telephone consultation. 

SafeRoads v. WRW

March 1, 2021

(Red Deer, SafeRoads/DUI). WRW was issued immediate roadside sanctions in circumstances where he was not inside the vehicle at the time the roadside investigation commenced, had consumed no alcohol prior to driving and in circumstances where the off-road ATV was inoperable.  Other than writing and issuing paperwork that resulted in a vehicle tow and licence suspension, almost no meaningful investigation was conducted. This is an example of case where a person was sanctioned at the discretion of police and had his employment put in serious jeopardy in circumstances where a reasonable investigation may have resulted in a different course of action. Luckily, the SafeRoads adjudicator understood WRW's argument and cancelled the notice of administrative penalty (NAP). There are several Alberta criminal lawyers experienced in handling roadside sanctions. If you are looking for an immediate roadside sanctions lawyer in Alberta, call 403.452.8018 for a free initial consultation. David Chow is a Calgary based criminal defence lawyer who handles cases throughout the entire province. #RoadsideSanctionsLawyer

R. v. Y.J.Y.

February 8, 2021

(Calgary, P.C. - DUI/Over 80). Impaired driving and its related offences (such as at/over 80 and refusing to blow) often impacts ordinary people whose daily lives definitely do not fit the definition of "criminal". In December 2020 the Alberta Government enacted administrative impaired driving penalties that permit our justice system to penalize potential impaired drivers without criminal prosecution. The upside is that the motorist is not at risk of criminal sanction; the downside is that the Government has enacted legislation that shortcuts many principles of basic adjudicative fairness. Additionally, at the time of writing this post, it appears that SafeRoads adjudicators are inclined to blanket ignore the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- something judges are less likely to do in criminal prosecutions.  YJY had a number of very solid defences, including right to counsel and waiver of the right to counsel -- a pair of issues that apparently would receive no consideration in a SafeRoads adjudication. The point is, while SafeRoads eliminates criminal jeopardy, the exchange is that it appears to guarantee other jeopardy.  As a result of Charter issues, YJY's charges were withdrawn -- there was no criminal record.   Need a Calgary impaired driving lawyer or a roadside sanctions lawyer?  Call for a free telephone consultation. David Chow has successfully defended many immediate roadside sanctions cases. 

SafeRoads v. W.J.W.

January 27, 2021

(Red Deer, IRS/Impaired Driving).  Under the Provincial Administrative Penalties Act 2020 (PAPA 2020), JW was issued immediate roadside sanctions (IRS).  There are many ways to defend a Notice of Administrative Penalty (NAP).  One way is to show that the person who was issued IRS was not driving or did not have care or control at the relevant time. In this case, the situation was interesting because JW was occupying the driver's seat when the police arrived; however, evidence was adduced that the vehicle was (1) not running, (2) incapable of being set in motion and (3) only temporarily occupied for the purpose of gathering items from the vehicle's interior. The evidence was made stronger because a taxi was clearly present at scene when the police arrived. In this case, the adjudicator acted very fairly, cancelling the Notice of Administrative Penalty.  The trouble with this case was the limited investigation conducted by the officer. Had the officer made relevant inquiries and not merely interpreted the behaviour as sinister, he would have learned details that may have resulted in the NAP not being issued at all. Sadly, JW's vehicle was impounded for 30 days. That was a family vehicle. Also, notwithstanding successfully applying to have the NAP cancelled, JW had to pay impound fees.  If you have received immediate roadside sanctions, call an experienced Alberta roadside sanctions lawyer to help. David Chow has successfully defended many roadside sanctions cases. For a free consultation with an immediate roadside sanctions lawyer call 403.452.8018.