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I am a full service criminal defence and DUI lawyer in Calgary with over 15 years experience. I focus on impaired driving, drug defence and domestic allegations.

In over 15 years of defending criminal cases, I have successfully handled the entire spectrum of criminal allegations, including serious impaired driving charges, multi-kilo level drug trafficking, firearms offences, home invasion and murder.  Over the years, I have learned a lot about the law, the process and culture of our criminal justice system. Notwithstanding that experience is a faithful friend, it is no substitute for hard work, courage and an intellectual approach. Over the years I may have learned how to practice smarter, but the essence of my philosophy has never changed; my interest is your best interest – my only agenda is your success.


Impaired Driving, Drug ChargeS, and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Though I have successfully defended the entire spectrum of criminal charges, my practice is heavily focused on defending impaired driving, domestic violence and drug offences.  If you are charged with an impaired driving offence (DUI, Refusal, Over 80, Care or Control), I offer a VERY COMPETITIVE one-time fee option.  Contact my office for more information.

Defending you is my priority.  As a criminal defence and DUI lawyer, I am committed to providing a unique and cutting edge legal service – one where you will be properly informed about all aspects of your case. Whether you are charged with impaired driving, a drug offence or a crime of domestic violence, defending your criminal case is a partnership, where I we will collaborate about strategies, tactics and the law. Ultimately, you are the person carrying the risk; it’s my job to help you manage it.


managing Your criminal Charge

Managing any criminal charge is difficult.  For a variety of reasons, handling an impaired driving charge, drug offence or domestic allegation can be exceptionally difficult.  I am confident that I can assist.  To understand the nuances of these offences, I encourage you to peruse my site if you have been:

I understand the law can be confusing, even intimidating. It is my role to help you through the process and to do everything possible to protect your best interests.

My Commitment to Defending Your Case

My commitment to you is to work intelligently, creatively, energetically and if necessary, viciously, within the parameters of the law. My objective is to ensure your proper representation against a State juggernaut that has access to virtually unlimited resources.

The best resource to defend your charges is your lawyer. I look forward to helping you with your case.

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Recent Case Results

R. V. A.W.

August 17, 2016

(Lethbridge, P.C.) The accused was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking powder cocaine and production of crack cocaine.  The charges were ultimately stayed by the Crown due to frailties in the evidence of possession.

R. V. J.P.

August 17, 2016

(Calgary, Q.B.) The accused was charged with second degree murder in relation to an early morning event in downtown Calgary.  This was a difficult case, involving the testimony of over 50 witnesses.  A jury found the accused “not guilty” of second degree murder.

R. V. R.K.

August 2, 2016

(Taber, P.C.J.) The accused was charged with domestic assault in relation to an incident that involved his girlfriend.  The trial verdict was not guilty.  The case was successfully defended as a result of testimony contradicting the complainant’s version of events by the accused.