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"Any website can sell a lawyer as "the best" (including this one).  The reality is, a great many of  these sell-jobs laud the skill of pretenders.  The only way for you to decide is due diligence.  Anybody can advertise on the Internet; not every lawyer can properly defend a case.  Let me earn your confidence, your trust and your business.  Call for a free telephone consultation".


David Chow is a full service Calgary criminal lawyer with almost two-decades of real litigation experience.  In 1999, he appeared in Court as a law student to successfully defend his first client. He won his first trial  (an assault at a gas station) in 2000. That same year he went on to defend clients charged with a variety of offences, including impaired driving, possession of stolen property and crimes of violence (such as uttering threats and assault).

David is a former Crown Prosecutor and a seasoned Calgary defence lawyer.  He has defended over a thousand cases, during which time he has successfully run hundreds of trials.  He routinely secures verdicts of "not guilty" and other favourable outcomes for his clients.  He has secured verdicts of "not guilty" for murder and other serious crimes, such as multi-kilo drug trafficking and impaired driving causing death. David Chow is a Calgary DUI lawyer and drug lawyer of choice.

any lawyer can advertise

Many Calgary criminal lawyers have websites boasting about their success.  David skills are proven by years of actually litigating trials, not merely pleading client's guilty.  David Chow understands complex investigations not handled by ordinary defence lawyers.  This includes wiretap, mutual legal assistance treaties and advanced undercover techniques. David Chow also understands the many nuances to properly defending the seemingly more simple cases.  

Don't trust a website or an advertisement; any lawyer can sell to you online.  Be diligent and call (403) 452-8018 for a free telephone consultation.  Talk to David Chow (and other Calgary criminal lawyers) so that you have enough information to make the right choice for you.


The Discrimination Label: Professional Responsibility and the Discrimination Card

In my opinion of this Calgary criminal lawyer, to insinuate that Justice Clackson implicated Dr. Adeagbo’s “national or ethnic origin as a person of African roots” based on paragraph 20 of his judgment, without consideration of whole of the case, including the unusual procedure and argument made by the defence, was irresponsible. To be clear, I am not arguing that the complaint necessarily lacks merit. I simply don’t know enough to conclude one-way or another. Rather, I am saying that these professionals had a professional responsibility to consider the entirety of the record (including listening to it) prior to levelling the discrimination card and making it public.

HIRing a criminal defence lawyer

Managing any criminal charge can be challenging.   If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Calgary or anywhere in Canada, protect yourself by retaining a proven defence lawyer.  Do your research and choose wisely.  Any lawyer can advertise on a website; not every lawyer can perform in Court.  David Chow has represented over a thousand clients.  He has successfully defended the vast majority of them. He has won hundreds of trials, helped several hundreds of people avoid a criminal record and kept hundreds of clients out of jail. 

Don't place your trust in a dabbler, a criminal defence lawyer with a volume practice or a law firm that will simply pass your case along to a junior. Place your trust in a Calgary criminal lawyer who will focus on your case.  Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer may be the difference between having a criminal record or not, going to jail or remaining free.  When you hire David Chow, you get David Chow. David Chow is not only a full service Calgary defence lawyer and Calgary drug lawyer who handles all criminal driving offences, he is a proven Alberta criminal lawyer who appears in many jurisdictions outside of the City of Calgary.

Spend your hard earned money on the right criminal defence lawyer; for if you hire the wrong one, that choice could unnecessarily drain your wallet and cost your freedom.  Defending your freedom is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. So defend it by hiring a Calgary criminal law specialist who handles cases throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Give David Chow a chance to earn your business. He offers a free consultation. Call 403.452.8018.

Charged with a Drug Offence? Choose wisely, for the penalty could be jail.

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Charged with any criminal offence? Call David Chow -- a proven Calgary criminal lawyer.

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Recent Case Results

R. v. C.D.H.

October 7, 2019

(Calgary, P.C.). CDH was charged with failing to appear in Calgary.  In this case, a warrant issued for the arrest of the accused, but remained unexecuted for over a decade.  The accused filed a Charter Notice alleging unreasonable delay pursuant to section 11(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The basis of the Charter defence flowed from the Supreme Court of Canada decisions of R. v. MacIntosh and R. v. Askov, where the Court held that it is the duty of the State to bring the accused to trial and an accused has no legal duty to bring him or herself to trial.  CDH successfully defended his trial.  David Chow is a full service Calgary criminal lawyer who practices throughout the Province of Alberta. Please feel free to peruse this website to learn about David Chow, the cases he defends and his legal philosophy. If you are searching to hire a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, it is your responsibility to be duly diligent. David offers a free initial telephone consultation, a reasonable initial retainer and 20 years of experience litigating cases in the Provincial Court of Alberta. 

R. v. H.C.

October 4, 2019

(Calgary, P.C.).  HC was charged with impaired driving and operating a motor vehicle with blood-alcohol exceeding the legal limit in 2008. The case went to warrant in 2008.  Though the police knew where to find the accused, they never executed the warrant. The case remained at warrant status for about 11 years until the accused travelled back to the Province of Alberta for the sole purpose of having the warrant executed. At trial, the accused had many defences, including right to counsel issues and of course, trial delay issue for the 11 year period in which the warrant remained un-executed.  Prosecuting this case, in these circumstances, would have been a Herculean task for the crown. On the day of trial, after Charter Notice was filed, the prosecution was stayed.   As an experienced Calgary impaired driving lawyer, David Chow understands that there are many ways to defend a case.  For a free consultation with a Calgary DUI lawyer, call 403.452.8018 for a free telephone consultation. Remember, impaired driving and its related offences carry minimum punishments, including a criminal record. Why make it easy for the Government to label you with a criminal record?  With that in mind, there is much wisdom in consulting with an impaired driving lawyer in Calgary or in the jurisdiction where you have been charged. David Chow is not only a Calgary defence lawyer, he is an Alberta criminal lawyer who appears throughout the Province, including: Lethbridge, Cochrane, Canmore, Brooks, Airdrie and Okotoks.

R. v. E.M.A.

September 19, 2019

(Rocky Mountain House, P.C.). There are many reasons for setting a case for trial. For impaired driving and its related offences such as "at 80" and refusing or failing to blow, there are reasons to force the Crown to prove its case. Impaired driving, "at 80" and refusing/failing to blow carry minimum punishments if convicted.  Those punishments include a fine, a mandatory driving prohibition (12 months) and a criminal record. The seriousness of the allegation makes no difference; for even if the accused's conduct constitutes a minor or even more trivial infraction of the criminal law, he or she will be stigmatized with a criminal record. Other consequences may also flow from the mere charge. These include an administrative suspension, jeopardy to employment, economic and family stress or hardship.  AME successfully defended the allegations of impaired driving, blowing over the legal limit and disqualified driving on the day of trial.  Not only was the prosecution hampered by Constitutional difficulties, they had evidentiary problems. If you have been charged with impaired driving in Rocky Mountain House, Calgary or anywhere in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan call a qualified Alberta DUI lawyer for a free consultation. David Chow has been defending impaired driving, over/at 80 and refusing to blow cases since 1999. He has focussed much of his legal career defending impaired driving/DUI cases. David Chow is a Calgary impaired driving lawyer of choice. Call 403.452.8018 to consult with a qualified Calgary DUI lawyer.