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David Chow, a Calgary criminal lawyer and roadside sanctions lawyer (IRS).

"Don't blindly trust a website or an advertisement (including this one). Any lawyer can sell you online, not every lawyer can properly defend a case". 

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David is a calgary defence lawyer with a reputation for success

If you need a criminal defence lawyer, let David Chow put his unique perspective, skill and experience to work for you.

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Alberta Immediate Roadside Sanctions Lawyer

"In December 2020 the Alberta Government introduced new Provincial impaired driving legislation that in the view of this Alberta criminal lawyer, seriously erodes due process".

Served with a Notice of Administrative Penalty (NAP)? To dispute your fine, vehicle seizure and driving suspension as result of Immediate Roadside Sanctions (IRS) call for a free consultation. David Chow is a Calgary DUI lawyer and Alberta Roadside Sanctions lawyer who is prepared to help you at a reasonable pric 

Hire the Right Defence Lawyer (Choosing Wisely)

"The best Calgary criminal defence lawyer is the one that you have retained only after exercising all due diligence. Research online but be cautious. Interview but listen. My advice, choose a lawyer, not a salesman or a friend. I wish you all the best".





His passion for his job is outstanding. He has absolutely incredible attention to detail. He was able to get the trial acquitted without me even having to take the stand. His prep sessions the week before court were very thorough and made us feel at ease because we were prepared for anything. From the very beginning he had a very confident approach to the case. David is extremely knowledgeable, hard working, detailed and an over-all great person. If your looking for a lawyer, your search should end here. We looked into a lot of lawyers and are so happy with our choice. We are forever grateful for his experience and hard work. Thanks so much David.

- AB

He got me a very favorable outcome in my case, and was very quick to communicate with me right after he had spoken to crown, and got me a wonderful resolution for my case, which could have gone so much worse. Also he was understanding and kind to me regarding my situation, and made a much more favorable solution to my issues which literally saved me. I'm so thankful for David and his expertise, kindness, and reliability. If myself or anyone I know ever ends up in a situation where legal representation is needed, I will go with and recommend David in half a heartbeat. Thank you so so much, David, from the bottom of mine & my family's hearts. You've done amazing to help me stay on the right path and I'm beyond grateful for you and everything that you've done for me over the last year or so. I can say with 100% certainty that David has saved me from a huge backward slide into a life I've fought so hard to get out of. I can't even express my gratitude to you !

- EF

David has been working on my DUI case for the last year and has been extremely helpful and dedicated throughout the entire process. He was very straightforward about his thoughts about why I should fight the charges and broke them all down before I even decided to hire him, allowing me to make my own decision to pursue it or not. David was able to identify key areas of my case and present them to the court which eventually lead to my case being withdrawn and not going to trial. He was always available and constantly kept me updated on how the case was progressing.

- GH

Recent Case Results

R. v. M.D.D.

R. v. M.D.D.

(Calgary, P. C. - Aggravated Assault). MDD was charged with aggravated assault arising from a one-punch incident that occurred outside of a downtown nightclub in Calgary, Alberta. MDD was found "not guilty" after trial after the judge agreed that MDD acted in "self defence". Self defence is a "defence of justification". ...
R. v. V.T.V.

R. v. V.T.V.

(Swift Current, P. C. - Impaired Driving/Over 80).  VTV was charged with impaired driving and operating a motor vehicle with blood alcohol at/over the legal limit.  Notwithstanding that David Chow is a Calgary based impaired driving lawyer, he routinely handles cases arising out of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. ...


(Immediate Roadside Sanction - DUI).  P. C. was sanctioned for impaired driving following a suspicious investigation by police in relation to other matters.  PC's case started when police conducted a traffic stop outside of the recipient's residence. Police searched the entire motor vehicle, found nothing but issued a roadside sanction. ...

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