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"Any website can sell a lawyer as "the best" (including this one).  The reality is, a great many of  these sell-jobs laud the skill of pretenders.  The only way for you to decide is due diligence.  Anybody can advertise on the Internet; not every lawyer can properly defend a case.  Let me earn your confidence, your trust and your business.  Call for a free telephone consultation".

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David Chow is a full service Calgary criminal lawyer with almost two-decades of real litigation experience.  In 1999, he appeared in Court as a law student to successfully defend his first client. He won his first trial  (an assault at a gas station) in 2000. That same year he went on to defend clients charged with a variety of offences, including impaired driving, possession of stolen property and crimes of violence (such as uttering threats and assault).

David is a former Crown Prosecutor and a seasoned Calgary defence lawyer.  He has defended over a thousand cases, during which time he has successfully run hundreds of trials.  He routinely secures verdicts of "not guilty" and other favourable outcomes for his clients.  He has secured verdicts of "not guilty" for murder and other serious crimes, such as multi-kilo drug trafficking and impaired driving causing death. David Chow is a Calgary DUI lawyer and drug lawyer of choice.

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Many Calgary criminal lawyers have websites boasting about their success.  David's skills are proven by years of actually litigating trials, not merely pleading client's guilty.  David Chow understands complex investigations not handled by ordinary defence lawyers.  This includes wiretap, mutual legal assistance treaties and advanced undercover techniques. David Chow also understands the many nuances to properly defending the seemingly more simple cases.  

Don't trust a website or an advertisement; any lawyer can sell to you online.  Be diligent and call (403) 452-8018 for a free telephone consultation.  Talk to David Chow (and other Calgary criminal lawyers) so that you have enough information to make the right choice for you.


Did they sell us a Rusted Ol'Jalopy?

With all this in mind, this Calgary criminal lawyer fully supports initiatives (such as pre-charge approval) that may reduce the need for taxpayer dollars. I do not, however, endorse unnecessary new hires that may unreasonably reduce workloads at the expense of taxpayers who are already struggling. Also, I question what kind of Canada we are going to leave for future generations. In short, somebody needs to pay for these initiatives.  I often question where our Government (municipal, provincial and federal) thinks money comes from. 

The Swing-Hook Weapon Justification

In the opinion of this Calgary criminal lawyer, Ms. Kafi was lucky to have only suffered a broken nose and busted lip; she was lucky not be brain injured or worse: dead. 

The aggressive smashing of Ms. Kafi’s head and face onto a concrete surface while her hands were behind her back was nothing short of a kind of coward’s act, where the police officer chambered a metaphorical bullet. This was nothing less than a game of Russian Roulette – played with the life of Dalia Kafi. In my opinion, the Calgary Police Service member, Cst. Alex Dunn, is lucky not to be facing a manslaughter charge.  Even if he is convicted of assault causing bodily harm, he should count himself lucky.

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Managing any criminal charge can be challenging.   If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Calgary or anywhere in Canada, protect yourself by retaining a proven defence lawyer.  Do your research and choose wisely.  Any lawyer can advertise on a website; not every lawyer can perform in Court.  David Chow has represented over a thousand clients.  He has successfully defended the vast majority of them. He has won hundreds of trials, helped several hundreds of people avoid a criminal record and kept hundreds of clients out of jail. 

Don't place your trust in a dabbler, a criminal defence lawyer with a volume practice or a law firm that will simply pass your case along to a junior. Place your trust in a Calgary criminal lawyer who will focus on your case.  Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer may be the difference between having a criminal record or not, going to jail or remaining free.  When you hire David Chow, you get David Chow. David Chow is not only a full service Calgary defence lawyer and Calgary drug lawyer who handles all criminal driving offences, he is a proven Alberta criminal lawyer who appears in many jurisdictions outside of the City of Calgary.

Spend your hard earned money on the right criminal defence lawyer; for if you hire the wrong one, that choice could unnecessarily drain your wallet and cost your freedom.  Defending your freedom is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. So defend it by hiring a singularly focussed Calgary criminal lawyer who handles cases throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Give David Chow a chance to earn your business. He offers a free consultation. Call 403.452.8018.

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Recent Case Results

R. v. B.B.J.

October 5, 2020

(Calgary, P.C. - Terrorism). On September 30th, 2020 a Calgary provincial court judge heard a contested judicial interim release hearing in relation to a Calgary terrorism suspect.  The accused's Calgary criminal lawyer, David Chow, argued that the defence "showed cause" that release was appropriate.  The accused was ordered released on October 5th, 2020 on conditions to include ankle bracelet monitoring. Ankle bracelet monitoring is becoming a powerful factor in favour of person's accused of crime in obtaining bail.  In 2020 several accused have been release on ankle bracelet monitoring conditions in relation to offences that historically had a high probability of resulting in detention. In 2020, offences include homicide and terrorism. The use of ankle bracelet monitoring technology has arguably brought Alberta into the 21st Century.  Where bail is often monitored by human energy, technology has the capability of significantly reducing the impact on human monitors. The technology includes more than the ability to merely GPS track the ankle bracelet wearer; it has the power to communicate with the wearer and even to detect when the wearer might be in places prohibited by a bail order. Some Calgary criminal lawyers have availed their clients with the ankle bracelet option to obtain judicial interim release. Ankle bracelets an effective tool for meeting concerns under the primary, secondary and tertiary grounds for bail, but are also potentially useful in mitigating the impact on historically strict conditions, such as house arrest or curfew.  David Chow is a Calgary bail lawyer and full service Alberta criminal lawyer who has obtained judicial interim release for clients charged with serious offences, including murder, manslaughter and terrorism. 

R. v. S.S.Z.

August 26, 2020

(Cochrane, P.C. - Impaired Driving).  SSZ was charged with a handful of driving offences, to include impaired driving, operating a motor vehicle with blood-alcohol exceeding the legal limit and careless driving. Where the DUI offences were under the Criminal Code of Canada (and thus Federal law), the careless driving charge was provincial legislation, under the Traffic Safety Act. Prior to trial SSZ's Cochrane criminal lawyer filed an extensive Charter Notice alleging breaches of section 8 (search and seizure) and section 10 (right to counsel). The section 10 infractions were the most serious because the accused was detained for a substantial period without right to counsel. Though cases such as R. v. Thomsen and R. v. Orbansky make it clear that right to counsel is suspended within "strict temporal limits" for the purpose of roadside sobriety screening, SSZ's detention was not within those limits. The Crown was alive to the issues and prior to trial offered to resolve the case by way of a guilty plea to the already charged Traffic Safety Act offence of careless driving. SSZ was advised in no uncertain terms by her criminal lawyer, David Chow, that notwithstanding the quality her defences, the ultimate goal is successfully defending against the potentially permanent fixture of a criminal record. If you have been charged with impaired driving, a drug offence, domestic violence or anything else in the Criminal Code of Canada, there are plenty of Alberta criminal lawyers to choose from.  David Chow is a Calgary criminal lawyer (who represents clients throughout the Province) who is grateful for the opportunity to earn your business. Looking for a Cochrane DUI lawyer, call 403.452.8018.

R. v. S.Y.B.

August 25, 2020

(Cochrane, P.C. - Domestic Assault). SYB was charged with domestic assault in relation to a charge arising in the jurisdiction of Cochrane, Alberta. This prosecution was one where the Crown quickly screened the file, identified weakness in the prosecution, communicated with the complainant and properly permitted the complainant to have a voice in the process.  Though the accused had a very credible trial defence, the Crown offered to resolve the case in a manner that SYB would not suffer a criminal record. Understanding the imperfection and uncertainty in our criminal justice system, SYB agreed with the advice of his/her Cochrane criminal lawyer that it was too risky to take the case to trial. Ultimately, the accused accepted a peace bond and the criminal charge was withdrawn. A peace bond constitutes a legal mechanism whereby the accused agrees to keep the peace and be of good behaviour and to comply with the terms of the bond.  Common terms include "no contact", area restrictions, abstain clauses and counselling. For SYB the Crown understood the weaknesses in its case and after consulting with the complainant, agreed to a peace bond on less onerous than usual conditions.  David Chow is a resident of the town of Cochrane. There are many Cochrane criminal lawyers and Calgary criminal lawyers to choose from. David Chow would appreciate the opportunity to help with your case.