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David Chow is a full service Calgary criminal lawyer with almost two-decades of real litigation experience.  In 1999, he appeared in Court as a law student to defend his first client. He won his first trial  (an assault at a gas station) in 2000. That same year he went on to defend clients charged with a variety of offences, including impaired driving, possession of stolen property and crimes of violence (such as uttering threats and assault).

David is a former Crown Prosecutor and a seasoned Calgary defence lawyer.  He has defended over a thousand cases, during which time he has successfully run hundreds of trials.  He routinely secures verdicts of "not guilty" and other favourable outcomes for his clients.  He has secured verdicts of "not guilty" for murder and other serious crimes, such as multi-kilo drug trafficking and impaired driving causing death.

Many Calgary criminal lawyers have websites boasting about their success.  David is a proven defence lawyer.  Don't trust a website or an advertisement; any lawyer can sell to you online.  Be diligent and call (403) 452-8018 for a free telephone consultation. 

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charged with a criminal offence?

Managing any criminal charge can be challenging.   If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Calgary, protect yourself by retaining a proven defence lawyer.  Do your research and choose wisely. Any lawyer can advertise on a website; not every lawyer can perform in Court. 

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David Chow is not a dabbler; he practices exclusively in the field of criminal defence.  You won't find David working on a will, a contract or a divorce while at the same time researching a criminal case.  He is not a dabbler.  David doesn't act as an agent doing Government prosecutions; rather, his focus is singular: defending persons accused of crime.  David does not have a "general practice", he has a focussed practiced where he specializes in the field of criminal law.  He is a Calgary criminal law specialist who has run hundreds of trials throughout Alberta and elsewhere.

Charged with a Drug Offence? Choose wisely, for the penalty could be jail.

Charged with a DUI or impaired driving related offence?  Get a lawyer with experience.

Charged with Domestic Assault?  It's you against the Crown, Police and interest groups.

Charged with any criminal offence? Call David Chow -- a proven Calgary criminal lawyer.

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Recent Case Results

R. v. P.N.E.I.

June 14, 2019

(Calgary, P.C.).  N, along with his co-accused, were represented by Calgary criminal lawyers on charges of sexual assault arising out of an incident in Calgary where the complainant alleged she was raped while sleeping in a bedroom. There was no direct evidence that David Chow's client had assaulted her in any way. The case was entirely circumstantial -- arising from DNA located during a post-police-report medical examination. This case was very interesting because section 276 of the Criminal Code did not apply.  The defence asserted that 276 did not apply because the evidence related to the actual sexual activity forming the subject matter of the charge. Notwithstanding how difficult these cases are for trial judges, this case was even more so because of the fact that there was no direct evidence implicating the accused at the time of the alleged assault.  There were other reliability issues that made this case challenging for the Crown. In the final result, "reasonable doubt" carried the day and the accused persons were acquitted. 

R. v. L.B.C.

June 7, 2019

(Calgary, P.C.).  Sometimes cases are hard and sometimes they are easier.  LBC avoided a potentially dangerous trial based on weak evidence because of the actions of the Crown -- acting in the finest tradition of the Crown prosecutor -- who "stayed" the charges, presumably due (at least in part) to obvious frailties in eyewitness identification. The accused was charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm, assault with a weapon (firearm) and a variety of other firearms offences arising from a shooting in downtown Calgary. Though nobody was injured the Prosecution always takes firearms offences seriously. In this case, the frailties of the case were also taken seriously with the direction of a "stay of proceedings".  A stay is effectively a withdrawal with the caveat that the Crown can bring a case back to life in very rare circumstances. Those circumstances include uncovering new evidence that could not have reasonably been foreseen or uncovered prior to the stay. LBC avoided a potentially dangerous trial because witnesses may have been compelled to point at him as the offender merely because he was sitting in an accused dock. Though "dock ID" is of little to no value, convictions based on this frail identification evidence do still occur. David Chow is a Calgary firearms lawyer and full service Calgary criminal lawyer.

R. v. A.H.J

May 24, 2019

(Whitehorse, P.C.).  A.H.J. was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking Fentanyl and trafficking Fentanyl in Whitehorse, Yukon. The case was one of the first Fentanyl cases in Whitehorse and involved a significant quantity of the Opioid. The focus of the defence revolved around challenging expert opinion relating to a fingerprint.  Other issues concerned eyewitness identification, threshold reliability and evidentiary weight. As a result of evidentiary issues that arose during the course of the trial, the Prosecution's case was seriously imperilled.  A.H.J. was acquitted. For a free consultation with a Whitehorse drug lawyer call 1.403.452.8018.