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Canmore is a hub for drug pipeline investigations in Alberta. The RCMP routinely patrols the corridor connecting Calgary and British Columbia, often using sniffer dogs to smell motor vehicles stopped by police.

David Chow understands how to defend a drug pipeline prosecution   He not only understands how to defend any drug case, he understands how to win them.

Though David is proven drug lawyer, he is not only a Canmore drug lawyer, he is a full service Canmore criminal lawyer who can help with any case. 

Charged with impaired driving?  David Chow is a Canmore DUI lawyer who can defend it.

Charged with trafficking drugs?  David Chow is a Canmore drug lawyer who can help.

Charged with domestic assault?  David Chow is a Canmore defence lawyer who handles all allegations of domestic violence.

Charged with any criminal offence? David Chow is a full service Alberta defence lawyer.  Call for a free consultation.

Any lawyer can launch a website.  Not every criminal defence lawyer can defend a case.

david chow is a canmore dui lawyer

If you have been charged with impaired driving in Canmore or anywhere in Alberta, navigate these pages for information to help you choose your DUI lawyer.  Remember, defending a DUI case requires a dedicated impaired driving lawyer, who has experience crafting a defence having regard to the complex interplay between the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the common law. 

If you have been charged with DUI in Canmore or anywhere else in Alberta, you are probably not experienced with our criminal justice system. You are likely suffering under Alberta's pre-punishment regime: The Alberta License Suspension Program.  Even if you think you are guilty, don't give up, consult with a Canmore impaired driving lawyer.  Call David Chow at 403.452.8018 and get some free advice. 

charged with domestic assault in canmore?

David Chow is a Canmore domestic assault lawyer who is looking to earn your business. A domestic assault charge can significantly impact your everyday life. This includes being separated from your family, home and possibly your business. If merely being charged can do this, imagine the fallout from a conviction? Call for a free telephone consultation.

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