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There are many quality Lethbridge DUI lawyers; however, if you are searching for a different impaired driving lawyer in Lethbridge, consider David Chow.  He works throughout Alberta and has successfully defended many clients on impaired driving charges in Lethbridge. If there is a defence, David will find it. He has defended impaired driving clients throughout Alberta using a plethora of defences: lack of reasonable and probable grounds, unlawful arrest, arbitrary detention, right to counsel and failure to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt (just to name a few). 

Charged with impaired driving or impaired driving causing bodily injury or death? David Chow has defended it.

Charged with dangerous driving or dangerous driving causing bodily injury or death? David Chow can defend it. 

Charged with impaired driving by drug? Call 403.452.8018.

David Chow is full service Lethbridge defence lawyer and Lethbridge impaired driving lawyer.


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