R. v. N.B.B.

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R. v. N.B.B.

(Medicine Hat, P.C. - Domestic Assault). Assault is a commonly charged criminal offence. Domestic assault is likely one of the most prevalent offences dealt with by criminal law courts today. For approximately the last two-decades, criminal law courts in Alberta have had courtrooms dedicated specifically to cases of domestic violence. Prosecution services have had the assistance of social service agencies, such as HomeFront, who work closely with alleged victims of domestic abuse.  Domestic assault cases can often be difficult for the Crown to prosecute because over time, domestic partners and family members are reluctant to cooperate with the criminal prosecution. Also, it is not uncommon for alleged incidents of domestic abuse to be exaggerated or manufactured altogether. 

For all of these reasons, the Crown and Court have recognized the benefits of having a non-criminal record response to many domestic incidents.  A non-criminal record response has the benefit of allowing the Crown to react to the domestic allegation(s) while at the same time, permitting a reasonable option for persons who do not wish their partner, family member or friend to receive a criminal record. A common response to domestic abuse allegations is Peace Bond. 

A peace bond requires the accused to keep the peace, be of good behaviour and to report to the court when required. Many peace bonds also add conditions for counselling, abstinence, no contact and area restrictions. 

NBB was charged with domestic assault. David Chow was NBB's Medicine Hat criminal lawyer.

This case was quite sad for the accused because of the breakdown of the marriage. It is not uncommon for emotion to get the better of ordinary people when relationships crumble. The Prosecution recognized the issue and as such, was prepared to resolve the case with a Peace Bond. The charges against NBB were withdrawn. 

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David Chow is a Calgary based criminal defence lawyer who often appears in Medicine Hat to defend cases of domestic violence. Though most of David's Medicine Hat clients have come to live in Calgary, if you are in need of a Medicine Hat criminal lawyer and have exhausted your search in that jurisdiction, call David for a free initial telephone consultation.