Why Calgary Needs a Dedicated Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Why Calgary Needs a Dedicated Criminal Defence Lawyer

Most people in Calgary will go their entire lives without being accused of a real crime, not counting minor traffic infractions. The possibility of needing a criminal defence lawyer will likely be the furthest thing from their minds, and they'll likely be much happier for it: as much as defence lawyers have a true desire to help people, we can admit that those in need of our services rarely relish the experience. Defence law is all about helping people at a time when they are facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives, and avoiding that challenge altogether is the preferred route for practically everyone.

At the same time, it's important for everyone in Calgary—and everyone in Canada—to know that help from a criminal defence lawyer is there whenever they need it. It's important that Calgary's citizens know they have a right to experienced and knowledgeable counsel whenever they've been accused of a crime or even detained by the Calgary Police. And it's important that they understand how a defence lawyer can help, and why partnering with a lawyer is the best way to protect their rights.

A Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Puts Knowledge On Your Side

The Calgary Police and Crown prosecutors spend their days working with the laws and mechanisms of the criminal justice system, arresting and accusing people of crimes and attempting to secure convictions for those alleged criminals. It's their job and their profession to be knowledgeable when it comes to the law, and to use that knowledge to put criminal suspects out of commission. Their job is important, too; there's no denying that without a working criminal justice system, Calgary would be a less safe and less secure place to live and do business

There's also no denying that when the average citizen of Calgary is accused of a crime, Calgary Police and the Crown prosecutors have a huge advantage. The knowledge they've gathered in the day-to-day work of their chosen profession gives them a great deal more power than the people they accuse, most of whom have gone their whole lives up the point of their arrest without giving the criminal justice system or the ways in which it functions a second thought. The average Calgarian is truly defenceless against the knowledge and might of law enforcement officers and court officials.

Criminal defence lawyers in Calgary and throughout Canada exist to ensure that ordinary citizens are not completely at the mercy of the criminal justice system simply because they lack the knowledge and experience to adequately defend themselves. In fact, the importance of being able to seek counsel from a licensed criminal defence lawyer is recognized by the <i>Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms</i>, which states that those accused of crimes be given the opportunity to contact a lawyer as soon as they are detained or accused of a crime.

Contacting a Criminal Defence Lawyer for Your Calgary Criminal Charges

If you or a family has been accused of any crime in the Calgary area, the sooner you contact a defence lawyer the sooner you'll have the knowledge you need on your side. For a free initial consultation, you can contact the office of Calgary criminal defence lawyer David Chow and get the help the law says you're entitled to.