Violent Crime Rate on the Rise in Calgary

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Violent Crime Rate on the Rise in Calgary

Overall, the crime rate in Calgary is plunging, so the fact that the rate of violent crimes in Calgary is on the rise may come as a surprise.

Crime rates of all kinds have been declining all over Canada for the past few years, and this is true for Calgary as well. However a series of violent acts over the past couple of years have caused a spike in the violent crime rate in Calgary.

Most of these crimes are targeted crimes, so they do not reflect the risks the average person faces.

In fact, Calgary has one of the lowest overall crime rate of all large urban areas in Canada. This can be attributed in part to the fact that robberies in Calgary have been on steady decline since 2012. The large police force in the city also plays a major role in the dropping crime rates.

Police in Calgary work directly with citizens to help minimize crime through prevention, providing needed community services in addition to targeted beat campaigns in formerly high-crime areas. These efforts are credited with the increased safety of the downtown area.

It is expected that Calgary’s crime rates will continue to fall in the coming years, despite the recent rise in violent crimes. Calgary’s law enforcement agencies are pursuing new strategies and expect to see violent crime rates drop as well.