Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer With Experience That Counts

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Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer With Experience That Counts

Impaired driving charges or DUIs remain one of the most common offences in the Calgary area, with more than a thousand DUI charges brought each year just by the Calgary Police. Many of those charged with impaired driving in Calgary decide to defend their cases on their own, without the assistance of a Calgary defence lawyer, which is absolutely their right. It's also almost always the absolute worst decision they can make.

It's not that lawyers are inherently smarter than other Calgary citizens, or that lawyers have "tricks" that undermine the system, but rather that lawyers have specialized knowledge and experience that helps them do a more effective job at defending people accused of crimes. You wouldn't hire a lawyer to fix your sink or design your website, yet plumbers and website designers attempt to defend themselves against criminal charges like impaired driving all the time—and their outcomes stand as a testament to their lack of experience more often than not.

A Calgary criminal defence lawyer who knows their way around a DUI case will be able to provide you a better defence than you can provide yourself simply because they have more information and experience at their disposal. From having charges dismissed before a trial, to avoiding some of the automatic penalties that impaired driving charges are supposed to trigger, to mitigating the long-term impacts of a DUI conviction, a good Calgary impaired driving defence lawyer is a good thing to have in your corner.

Choosing the Right Calgary DUI Lawyer

When it comes to choosing a lawyer to handle your Calgary DUI defence, there's no shortage of options. The problem is, not all impaired driving defence lawyers have the same level of experience, and they're not all necessarily willing to put in the time and attention to detail that your specific DUI case deserves. You want to make sure you select a criminal defence lawyer who isn't just willing to help you defend yourself against an impaired driving charge, but who has a proven track record of success in handling DUI cases in the Calgary area.

Don't be too intimidated to ask your Calgary defence lawyer questions about how they approach cases and even what they think about the specific circumstances of your case. If you don't receive confident answers that address your questions and concerns, keep looking around—you don't want a lawyer who assumes your DUI cases is the same as everyone else's, or who takes a general approach to every impaired driving charge they tackle. Find a lawyer with real experience who's ready to give you and your case the focus and attention needed.

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