When to Call a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

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When to Call a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

When you've been arrested by the Calgary Police or charged with a crime in the Calgary courts, your world has been suddenly thrust into chaos. You've lost your liberty or are at risk of losing it, you're hearing enough legal and law enforcement jargon to make your head spin, and you're contemplating the potential of months or years in prison and possibly heavy financial fines.

A criminal charge can affect the course of your life, your family, and your career, and you want to put your worries and your case behind you as quickly as possible. You also know that the law entitles you to consult with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer, but you're not sure when to make that call.

Here's a little clarity: call a defence lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest or notification of the charge(s) against you.

Why Calling Your Calgary Defence Lawyer Early is Important

The sooner you have a lawyer working with you to help you handle the Calgary Police or other law enforcement officers and to address Crown Prosecutors in the Calgary courts, the better able you will be to assist in your own defence. An experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer will help you avoid missteps that can hurt your case or create setbacks in your trial, and provide information you need to make educated decisions about the strategies you would like to pursue and their potential impacts on your future.

The better the information you have at your disposal, from the moment you are arrested to the moment your case is concluded, the better your position will be and the better the choices you will be able to make. The ability to consult with an experienced defence lawyer is such an important part of the Calgary criminal justice system that it is even enshrined in the highest body of law in Canada—Section 10 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms entitles everyone who is arrested or detained in Canada to criminal defence counsel as soon as is practically possible and before any interrogation takes place.

Calling a defence lawyer early on means protecting your rights from the very beginning, and protecting yourself from possible overreaches by the Calgary Police and other law enforcement agencies. They have plenty of experience on their side, and chances are you don't have any on yours, and that's exactly what Calgary criminal defence lawyers are here. Don't delay in accessing the resources and the help you're entitled to, and that you deserve.

Free Consultation With a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you or a family member has been charged with a crime in the Calgary area and you have yet to contact a criminal defence lawyer, don't put it off any longer—call the offices of David G. Chow today for a free, no-obligations consultation about your case. Don't face the turmoil alone; let a knowledgeable professional see you through to the other side as quickly and painlessly as possible.