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Some Cases handled by Calgary Criminal Lawyer, David Chow

Cases presented here are only some of the cases handled by David Chow. All cases use lettering to protect the identity of the client for solicitor-client privilege purposes. The case lettering does not necessarily reflect the client's actual initials.  David has successfully defended many clients not represented here. Case results are updated periodically and thus are not necessarily up-to-date.  

R. v. B.B.

(Calgary, P. C. - Impaired Driving and At/Over 80).  Since 2020, there are very few "criminal impaired driving cases" prosecuted in Alberta.

SafeRoads v. A.W.

(Alberta SafeRoads - NAP/Roadside Sanctions). The Notice of Administrative Penalty was issued to A. W.

SafeRoads v. M.M.M.

(Grande Prairie - NAP/IRS/DUI).  MMM was investigated for an impaired driving situation in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

SafeRoads v. P.S.P.

(Calgary, NAP-IRS).   PSP was issued immediate roadside sanctions by way of a notice of administrative penalty.

R. v. Y.J.Y.

(Calgary, P. C. - DUI/Over 80).

R. v. W.T.

(Medicine Hat - Care or Control/Over 80). W. T.

SafeRoads v. M.D.

(Grand Prairie - DUI/IRS).   MD was issued immediate roadside sanctions (IRS) by way of a Notice of Administrative Penalty (NAP).

R. v. F.V.G.

(Calgary, P. C. - DUI/ALS Appeal).   The case of FVG involved both the scheduling of an impaired driving trial and an ALS hearing.

R. v. H.R.H.

(Canmore, P. C. - Impaired Driving). HRH was the target of a traffic stop at about 9:30AM on a cold, snow covered day in 2019.

R. v. R.H.

(Banff/Canmore - DUI).   This client was charged with operating a motor vehicle while "over 80" and impaired driving.

R. v. B.M.M.

(Canmore/Banff, P. C. - Failing to blow).

R. v. R.R. L.

(Calgary, P. C. - DUI).  David Chow is a Calgary DUI lawyer who defended his first criminal impaired driving case in 1999.

R. v. C.R.C.

(Calgary, P. C. - Impaired Driving).  David Chow is a Calgary criminal lawyer and Calgary impaired driving lawyer who offers full defence services throughout the Province.

R. v. P.J.

(Turner Valley, T. C. ).

R. v. E.M.A.

(Rocky Mountain House, P. C. ). There are many reasons for setting a case for trial.

R. v. C.J.J.

(Whitecourt, P. C. ). This was an interesting trial with several Constitutional issues at play.

R. v. J.D.K.

(Calgary, P. C. ). JDK's case is another example where the Crown was prepared to appropriately exercise its discretion in the public interests.

R. v. M.J.

(Didsbury, P. C. ).  M. J. was charged with operating a motor vehicle with blood alcohol exceeding the legal limit and impaired driving.

R. v. A.C.

(Calgary, P. C. ). David Chow is a Calgary DUI lawyer who is no stranger to defending impaired driving cases in Court. A. C.

R. v. T.B.

(Calgary, P. C. ).   Trial was held in relation to impaired driving, dangerous driving and refusing to blow.   The accused filed a Charter Notice.

R. v. C.C

(Lethbridge PC) Client was charged with impaired driving and refusing to supply a breath sample.

R. v. S.M.

(Lethbridge, P. C. ).   Client was charged with impaired driving and operating a motor vehicle with blood-alcohol exceeding the legal limit.

R. v. M.K.

(Lethbridge, P. C. ).  The client was charged with serious impaired driving and dangerous driving offences.   The case involved a major motor vehicle accident.