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Shotgun slaying unintended

The shotgun slaying of a Calgary drug dealer was the result of a botched robbery during a territorial dispute, court heard yesterday.

Defence details off limits

Prosecutors can’t divulge to police details of defence Charter challenges before the officers testify, a Calgary judge has ruled.

Closed door hearing in murder case

The Crown will conduct a closed-door hearing with a judge to see if it has to disclose new evidence to the defence on a Calgary murder case.

Mom witnessed knife attack

Seeing a knife attack in a busy Boxing Week Chinook Centre parking lot landed a mother and daughter in the middle of a pepper-spray assault, court heard yesterday.

Court hears motorist watched stabbing

Woman thought young men just ‘fooling around’ When [the witness] saw several young men run in front of her van in Chinook Centre’s southeast parking lot, spraying what she thought was…

Witness accounts differ in stabbing case

The identity of a man who viciously stabbed another man in a Chinook Centre parking lot 18 months ago was again clouded when a witness to the attack took the…

Crown drops charge in fatal crash

Following a day in which defence lawyers poked holes in its medical expert’s evidence, the Crown won’t proceed with the most serious charge against two motorcyclists involved in a fatal…

Five years for vicious killing

Victim’s mother infuriated Drug users who resort to violence can expect to be dealt with harshly by courts, a judge said yesterday in sentencing a convicted killer to five years in…

Friend fled as near-fatal assault began

The friend of a man savagely pepper-sprayed and knifed in the Chinook Centre parking lot told court yesterday how he fled as the assault began.

Identity not in doubt prosecutor says

IN COURT - Stabbing victim was able to identify his attackers outside Chinook Centre before his vision was drastically reduced by pepper spray they sprayed into his face, Crown prosecutor…

Police lineup upset victim of stabbing

The victim of a vicious stabbing outside Chinook Centre 18 months ago became emotional and upset when he picked his attacker out of a photo lineup the following day, a…

Stabbing victim brought to tears

Lawyer challenges attacker’s identity An emotionally drained stabbing victim left court in tears after defence lawyer David Chow drilled holes in his testimony regarding the identity of three men who viciously…

Trio acquitted of stabbing

Calgary Herald By: Daryl Slade [the accused] had to endure a few more hours in custody after he, his brother and another man were acquitted on Friday of stabbing and pepper spraying…

Crown handed legal-fee payments

The Crown must pay part of the legal bills of two motorcyclists charged in the death of a pedestrian for not disclosing relevant medical evidence, a judge ruled yesterday.