Calgary Defence Lawyer Turns Tables on Murder Client's Wife and Accuser

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Calgary Defence Lawyer Turns Tables on Murder Client's Wife and Accuser

Tosha Hubler claimed that she only took part in the murder of Rino (Ray) Johnson because feared her husband, Jason Hubler, and what he might do to her if she refused to assist with his plans. Years of physical and emotional abuse prior to the murder had led her to acquiesce to Jason's plans, Tosha maintained.

Defence lawyer David Chow, representing Jason Hubler, presented a very different version of Tosha's relationship with his client—a version supported by Tosha's own letters.

Despite her claims of fear, intimidation, and abuse, Tosha professed her continued love for and connection to Jason in many letters written from the Calgary Remand Centre mere months after the murder occurred. Amongst other statements of love and endearment, Tosha's letters told Jason that thinking of him brought her peace, that she was looking forward to their future together, and she affirmed, "I can't testify against you and you can't testify against me," suggesting her complicity in the murder.

Mrs. Hubler had ample time and opportunity to warn Johnson about Jason's alleged plot, as well, but claimed she didn't really think the plan would be carried out. She previously took part in a variety of criminal acts alongside Jason, a fact that both of the accused admitted, casting further doubt on her claims to be an unwilling and victimized accomplice.

Tosha Hubler's attempted defence of duress, intimidation, and a lack of involvement in planning and carrying out the murder were not ultimately successful in light of Chow's arguments and presented evidence.


Original Post March 30 2011