License Suspensions and Calgary DUI Charges

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License Suspensions and Calgary DUI Charges

Calgary DUI Charges

Under Alberta's impaired driving laws, drivers in Calgary who are suspected of a DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater are supposed to have their driver's licenses suspended automatically until their case has been resolved in court, and the suspension can potentially remain in place even longer as part of the punitive response to a DUI conviction.

That means you can have your license suspended even before you are found guilty of a DUI, and you'll have to sit without a license or the legal right to operate a vehicle on Calgary streets until your case is cleared up in court—a process that is now taking eighteen months or more in many cases. A year and a half without a license simply for being accused of impaired driving!

Time is Of the Essence in Your Calgary DUI Defence Case

The longer you wait to start defending your rights and responding to your DUI case, the greater the likelihood that your license will end up suspended, and the longer the period of the suspension will be. You could end up losing your license the very same day (or night) your are initially pulled over by Calgary Police or other law enforcement, and once it's gone it's harder to get back than it is to prevent the suspension in the first place. The longer your license remains suspended, the fewer your options might be in defending your case and getting your legal right to drive restored.

Acting immediately to protect your rights is in your best interest, and can help keep you legally on the road following an impaired driving arrest. A Calgary DUI defence lawyer might be able to prevent a license suspension altogether, and will almost certainly be able to ensure that your case moves through the courts with all possible speed, minimizing the disruption to your life.

Not only will an experienced impaired driving lawyer be able to deal with Calgary Police on your behalf, possibly postponing any legal action before Crown prosecutors and other court officials have been approached, but they can also represent you in court and make sure the right legal channels and arguments are used to help you hold onto your license, or to get it back ASAP. It isn't right that you should be presumed guilty until you are proven innocent, and it isn't right that your driver's license should be taken simply because a law enforcement officer suspects that your are driving under the influence.

Fight back by getting the legal assistance you need the second you know you need it.

Calgary DUI Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

Calgary DUI defence lawyer David Chow has been helping to fight automatic licenses suspensions for his clients since Alberta's current impaired driving laws went into effect, and he's ready to fight for you, too. If you or a family member has been arrested for impaired driving, call David Chow today for a free consultation. He'll give your case the personal and dedicated attention you deserve, and make sure your rights aren't trampled by unfair rules and procedures.