Closed door hearing in murder case

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Closed door hearing in murder case

The Crown will conduct a closed-door hearing with a judge to see if it has to disclose new evidence to the defence on a Calgary murder case.

Justice Suzanne Bensler yesterday agreed with prosecutor Will Shiplett there is case law which supports his suggestion such a hearing cam be held. Shiplett told Bensler it’s the Crown’s position the information being withheld from defence lawyers David Chow and Tonii Roulston is privileged. On Monday, Chow opposed the proposed in-camera hearing.

Shiplett said the new evidence would not be helpful to the defence. Initially, he did not disclose why the prosecution felt it was entitled to keep the new evidence secret. Bensler will hear from Shiplett and a police investigator tomorrow morning with only a court stenographer present.  The evidence is in relation to the case of [the accused], who is charged with second-degree murder in the case of his elderly mother.  The body of [the victim] was found Aug, 24, 2006, at the bottom of the stairs in her northwest Hidden Valley home. 

No trial date has been set in the case.