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David Chow is not a dabbler; he practices exclusively in the field of criminal law.  He has devoted his life to defend person's charge with committing criminal offences.   

You won't find David working on a will, a contract or a divorce while at the same time researching a criminal case.  David doesn't act as an agent doing Government prosecutions.  Though David might consult on issues related to the criminal law in disciplines outside of the practice of criminal law, he doesn't practice in a variety of legal fields.  In other words, David Chow's focus is singular: defending persons accused of crime. 

David does not have a "general practice", he has a focussed practiced where he specializes ONLY in the field of criminal defence.  He is a Calgary criminal lawyer singularly focussed on defending those accused of crime. David has run hundreds of trials throughout Alberta.  He has argued at all levels of Court, including the Alberta Court of Appeal, Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Most importantly, if David Chow doesn't think he has the time to properly handle your case, he won't accept your business.  There are many criminal defence lawyers in Calgary and elsewhere gobbling-up loads of cases to a level that there is likely no reasonable prospect they can properly defend each and every client.  David Chow will not accept a file if he doesn't have the time to invest in a full and proper defence. The practical reality is, even the best Calgary criminal lawyer is not "the best" for you when he or she doesn't have enough hours in the day to look after your file. Even the best Calgary defence lawyers are not the best for you when they hand your case to a junior.  When you hire David Chow, you get David Chow.

The saying "you get what you pay for" applies to criminal defence lawyers in Alberta. Make the right choice. Give David Chow a chance to earn your business.  His commitment is that if he does have time, energy or the knowhow to handle your case well, he won't accept your business at all.

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I understand the law can be confusing, even intimidating. It is my role to help you through the process and to do everything possible to protect your best interests.

My Commitment is to do my best to fully defend your case while at the same time being sensitive to your budget.

My commitment to you is to work intelligently, creatively, energetically and if necessary, viciously, within the parameters of the law. My objective is to ensure your proper representation against a State juggernaut that has access to virtually unlimited resources.

The best resource to defend your charges is your lawyer. I look forward to helping you with your case.



Recent Case Results

R. v. K.L.

May 6, 2020

(Calgary, P.C. - Impaired Driving). KL was charged with impaired driving and operating a motor vehicle with blood alcohol at/over the legal limit. The case against KL was, all things considered, fairly minor. There was no bad driving or inappropriate conduct by the accused. The accused did not overtly display any indicia of impairment. The accused was cooperative with the police. The impaired driving investigation was triggered by the use of an Approved Screening Device (an instrument used to presumptively test blood-alcohol concentration).  In today's investigative climate, the police consider all motorists a breath "supply sample".  KL failed the test, was arrested and a demand was made for him to supply samples of breath at a police detachment.  Again, KL complied, ultimately providing two samples, the lowest being 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (80mg%).  Though KL had legitimate legal defences, perhaps the best defence arose because he was cooperative, had no prospect of being convicted of "impaired driving" and when formally tested, supplied the lowest possible BAC reading to trigger an "at 80" charge. Of course, in March 2020 the Courts closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Months of closure and inactive trial courts meant increased trial delays.  As a result of the particulars surrounding KL's case and the need for the Crown to triage cases, the charges against KL were "stayed" by the Crown.  KL's case illustrates that there are many good reasons in DUI prosecutions to fight the case at trial. If you have been charged with impaired driving, there are a handful of experienced Calgary DUI lawyers of choice. David Chow is a full service Calgary criminal lawyer, who has been litigating impaired driving since he represented his first client in Court in 1999.  If you have been charged anywhere in Alberta, David Chow would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. To speak with an experienced Calgary DUI lawyer, call for a free telephone consultation. 

R. v. R.V.

March 27, 2020

(Airdrie, P.C. - Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking).  Though RV certainly had a very viable defence to the allegations of possession for the purpose of trafficking and thus likely would have successfully defended this case on grounds that the Crown could not prove "possession" of the drugs beyond a reasonable doubt, this Airdrie criminal lawyer suspects that the entry of an early stay of proceedings in this case was the result by the coronavirus pandemic.  This crisis will have a dramatic impact on some prosecutions for the foreseeable future. In this case, the drugs were located in a motor vehicle occupied by several persons. The drugs were not in plain view and RV was not the owner or operator of the vehicle. To prove "possession" the Crown would have to prove that the accused had knew the drugs were present, consented to them being in his/her possession and had control over them.  Since the drugs were not in plain view, any argument that the accused had "knowledge" of them would have been difficult. Since the vehicle did not belong to the accused and was operated by him/her, any argument that he/she had "control" of the contents of the vehicle would have also been difficult. If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Airdrie, Calgary or anywhere in Alberta, consult with experienced Calgary criminal lawyers before you choose your legal representation.  David Chow hopes to be your Calgary drug lawyer of choice. Call for a free consultation. 

R. v. R.R. L.

February 25, 2020

(Calgary, P.C. - DUI).  David Chow is a Calgary DUI lawyer who defended his first criminal impaired driving case in 1999. In RRL the Accused was charged with failing to provide a sample of breath into an approved screening device (ASD). An approved screening device is an investigative tool used to presumptively test blood-alcohol. In December 2018 the Government changed the decades old roadside breath screening law from a process requiring "reasonable suspicion" that the motorist had alcohol in his or her body to a demand requiring mandatory compliance without meeting any investigative standard. According to recent commentary by the City of Calgary Police Department, all motorists are now a "supply sample". RRL had numerous defences. Firstly, there was delay in making the mandatory screening demand. Secondly, as a result of the delay, there were arguable right to counsel issues. Thirdly, the accused was captured on camera and it appeared that he was not trying to defeat the instrument. Fourthly, there were issues with the police grounds for arrest. As a result of these issues and others, the Accused successfully defended the case. If you are searching for an impaired driving lawyer or a Calgary criminal lawyer for any other case, exercise due diligence and call David Chow for a free consultation. Not all Calgary criminal lawyers have experience defending DUI charges; so it is your responsibility to choose wisely.