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Who is the best criminal defence lawyer in Alberta? 

Making a used car salesman's claim about being the best does not make one "the best". In the view of this criminal lawyer, if a lawyer suggests that he or she is the best, I think you should proceed with caution. 

In my experience, lawyer's are largely Type-A personalities capable of selling themselves in a world made complicated by the very work they do.

When searching for a criminal lawyer, factor in the answers to these questions:

  • What is the lawyer's level of experience?
  • Does the lawyer listen to your legal predicament?
  • Does the lawyer communicate effectively about your legal predicament?
  • Does the lawyer appear to know the law?
  • Does the lawyer know his or her way around a courtroom?
  • How much are the lawyer's fees?
  • Does the lawyer have a good reputation?
  • Does the lawyer have the time to devote to your case?

These are just a few questions worth asking before you reach into your wallet to pay for criminal lawyer services.  Whatever you do, try not to make decisions hastily or based on emotion

Also, keep in mind that some defence lawyers are very experience defending certain types of cases but may not be as experienced defending others. 

It's your responsibility to research your criminal lawyer. Making the decision is easier said than done.

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