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Cases presented here are only some of the cases handled by David Chow. All cases use lettering to protect the identity of the client for solicitor-client privilege purposes. The case lettering does not necessarily reflect the client's actual initials.  David has successfully defended many clients not represented here.

R. v. A.J.P.

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December 14, 2010

[Calgary. Q.B.] - David Chow represented AJP at both trial and on appeal. At trial, the accused's defence revolved around the presumption of accuracy with respect to the certificate of analysis and Charter issues flowing from the alleged failure on the part fo the police to comply with the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.  After day one of the trial, it appeared the accused had successfully defended the case; however, on day two, the Crown re-litigated the issues.  The judge then reversed his previous ruling without giving AJP's Calgary DUI lawyer an opportunity to respond.  As a result, AJP was convicted at trial of operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration exceeding the legal limit.   He appealed. David Chow is not only one of a handful of Calgary DUI lawyers experienced enough to handle complex and nuanced impaired driving, over 80 and refusal/failure cases, he is one of a handful of Calgary criminal lawyers who regularly argues at the various Courts of appeal. AJP  successfully appealed and a new trial was ordered.  Ultimately, the Judge concluded  that he did not receive a fair trial.  AJP's case highlights that successfully defending a charge often requires the accused to fight beyond his or her first trial. Not ever trial is fair and certainly not every conviction is proper. In Canada, wrongful convictions happen at all levels of court and in all kinds of cases. In the view of Calgary criminal lawyer, David Chow, the infinitesimally small number of high profile wrongful conviction cases (such as David Milgaard) do not represent that total number of wrongful convictions that happen every day in Courts across the Country. Not every accused has the resources to hire a criminal defence lawyer or Appellate counsel to exhaust every avenue of defending the case. This reality emphasizes why it is so important for anybody charged with a criminal offence to hire a quality criminal defence lawyer. There are many quality Alberta criminal lawyers.  To decide whether David Chow is right for you, call for a free telephone consultation. David is a Calgary impaired driving lawyer of choice.

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