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Witness watched fatal race

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March 27, 2007

Two motorcyclists at a Red Mile stop light appeared to be racing when they sped off, with one of them striking an elderly pedestrian who later died, court heard yesterday. 

An [e]yewitness said he was a passenger in his friend’s car behind the two bikes when the crash took place May 9, 2006, along 17th Ave S.E. near 10A St. [the eyewitness] told Crown prosecutor Frances Turner the two drivers looked at each other and nodded before speeding away.

“It was evident from my point of view that they were going to race” [the eyewitness] testified.
“I actually said to [my friend] ‘look at those guys, they’re going to take off and race,” he said.

Charged with criminal negligence causing death are [the accused and [the accused]], the drivers of the two motorbikes. [the victim] died two weeks after being struck by [the accused’s] Harley Davidson.

The trial continues today.

Calgary Sun
By: Kevin Martin

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