Trudeau a Triumph for Canada and Calgary

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Trudeau a Triumph for Canada and Calgary

My lack of love for outgoing PM Stephen Harper is no secret; at best, we have strikingly different views on what is best for Canada and its people and on how to build a free, just, and prosperous society. At worst, he's a corrupt cronyism-obsessed fear mongerer who trades racism and xenophobia for political clout and personal gain. Regardless of the truth, he is heading out and I couldn't be happier.

Well, I suppose I could be happier, but though the son of Liberal lion Pierre Trudeau might not hold all the promise of his father as he heads toward the highest office in the Canadian government there are several qualities he possesses that make him the perfect antidote to Harper's too-long regime.

First among these, of course, are Trudeau's political sensibilities. We have lived too long as a nation a fear—fear of outsiders beyond our nation's borders, fear of immigrants coming to Canada to build better and freer lives for themselves and their families, fear of different religions and languages, and fear of those within our canadian and Calgarian communities who might think, act, or dress in a manner contrary to our own perceptions of "correctness." Almost anyone would have been a breath of fresh air after Harper and his administration; Trudeau's youth, optimism, and openness are especially welcome.

Second, I would actually argue that what has been raised as a detraction against Trudeau—his relative inexperience—might be something of a benefit We've had nearly a decade of a prime minister who feels he already knows everything, and has pursued policy based on what he believes instead of on changing information. Ignorance that doesn't recognize itself is dangerous; inexperience that keeps an open mind and is intelligently guided is greatly preferable. I'm no blind optimist in Trudeau's capabilities, but I do believe he is more likely to listen to advisers, to his constituents, and to the opposition than was his predecessor—all hallmarks of a PM who understands their duty and the responsibilities of a leader in a liberal democracy.

Finally, there's the fact that Trudeau is far more charismatic than Harper. I wish the charisma of our leaders didn't greatly impact our society, our government, or our politics, but the fact is likeability always has and always will be a powerful political tool. Harper's government was allowed to thrive, at least in part, because many younger voters in Canada and here in Calgary were disengaged from the political process and their government's functioning. Trudeau is both polarizing and engaging, and that cannot help but draw more Canadians into becoming involved with the way they are governed and the principles their leaders are committed to.

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