The Calgary Connection to Conservative Lawman Ted Cruz

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The Calgary Connection to Conservative Lawman Ted Cruz

As dismayed as I am by the increasingly fear-based, police-state-leaning government of our fair country, I can at least be thankful that we aren't nearly as far to the right as our large neighbor to the South.

There's no question that the policies and politics of the US have a big impact here at home, though, which is why I find our city's connection to one of the US presidential candidate at least somewhat interesting.

Ted Cruz, a former practicing lawyer and now Senator in the US federal legislature, is actually a tried-and-true Canadian and Calgarian...or at least he was from the time he was born in Calgary up until last year.

It's no crime to be elected Senator if you hold citizenship in a country outside the United States, but you can't run for President unless you're solely a US citizen. Cruz was born here in Calgary to a US-born mother, giving him dual citizenship in the US and Canada.

Cruz revoked his citizenship last year when he started gearing up for his presidential run, and given his extreme brand of conservatism I for one am glad to cross him off the roster of prominent Calgarians.

Unfortunately, his place of birth is no sure defence against his sitting in the White House, which could contribute to the increasing conservatism of our own lawmakers and legal system.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a different outcome.