Calgary Still One of the World's Safest Cities Despite "Blip" in Violent Crime

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Calgary Still One of the World's Safest Cities Despite "Blip" in Violent Crime

Much has been made of the recent rise in shootings and other violent crimes in Calgary. Judging by the comments and editorializations made by some policy makers and certain members of the press, you might think Calgary is a city under siege, frozen not by our incoming winter but by the terror that grips all of our hearts the moment we set foot outdoors.

Not so, according to Calgary mayor Neheed Nenshi.

Mayor Nenshi, a rare voice of calm in today's frenzied atmosphere, reminds Calgary's citizens and Canadians everywhere that even taking into account the rise in shootings this summer, Calgary's violent crime rate is among the lowest it's been in many years.

Kelly Sundberg, a justice studies teacher at Mount Royal University, points out that a homicide rate of 19 in a city of 1.2 million is incredibly low (according to a study conducted by the UN, the average yearly homicide rate is approximately 6.9 per 100,000 people, meaning a city the size of Calgary should see around 83 homicides per year).

Should we still be investigating and prosecuting violent crimes? Absolutely, just as we should be engaging in further community outreach efforts to bring our crime rate even lower through prevention. But we have absolutely no reason to be cowering in fear in the meantime, and plenty of reason not to trust the narrative we're being handed by pro-law enforcement forces.

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