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"My advice: don't place your trust in a dabbler, a criminal defence lawyer with a volume practice, a law firm that will simply pass your case along to a junior or a lawyer who seldom communicates directly with you . Place your trust in a criminal defence lawyer who will give you some personal attention and  focus on your case". 

Crown prosecutors are skilled advocates. What makes prosecutor's particularly dangerous is that they are effectively criminal law specialists.  The only thing most prosecutors do is prosecute person's accused of breaking the criminal law. Crown prosecutor's don't run a business; they don't worry about yearly Law Society filings and they aren't required to manage money, pay GST, balance the books, pay business expenses or -- generally speaking -- be in multiple courts at the same time.  For the most part, the job of a Crown prosecutor is to litigate the criminal case against the accused.

So the question is, if a Crown Prosecutor is singularly focussed on the criminal case, if you have been charged, shouldn't you have a defence lawyer who is similarly focussed?  This makes sense; for though some lawyers can effectively practice multiple disciplines, the reality of being human recognizes that a singularly focussed criminal defence lawyer is better positioned to effectively engage a singularly focussed Crown. 

David Chow's practice is exclusively in the field of criminal law.  He is a dedicated Calgary criminal lawyer. There are many criminal lawyers in Calgary and throughout Alberta.  David Chow would appreciate the opportunity to earn your confidence and your business.


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