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David is a Calgary defence lawyer with a reputation for success

a philosopher & a music lover

David Chow is a graduate of the University of Calgary, where he studied both Philosophy and Law.  As a graduate student in the Department of Philosophy he had the opportunity to teach both Ethics and Elementary Formal Logic. 

Top 5


Notes from Underground (Fyodor Dostoyevsky), I Know this Much is True (Wally Lamb), Conversations with Neil’s Brain (William H. Calvin), The Selfish Gene, (Richard Dawkins), Beyond Good and Evil (Friedrich Nietzsche).



Nightwish (Endless Forms Most Beautiful), Nightwish (Once), Iron Maiden (Piece of Mind), Rise Against (Siren Song of the Counter Culture), Metallica (Justice for All).



Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish), Floor Jansen (vocals, Nightwish), Jack Johnson, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Ray Lamontagne.


Live Entertainment

Nightwish, Live at the Orpheum in Vancouver, Jersey Boys (Musical), Rock of Ages (Musical), Book of Mormon (Musical), A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens).


Game of Thrones, The Wire, Big Bang Theory, Silicon Valley, Hockey Night in Canada.



Lord of the Rings, Kill the Messenger, Original Star Wars Trilogy, Snowden, Swing Kids


Comic Book Characters

Thor, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Joker, Loki.



Morning Coffee, Village Blacksmith, Jameson’s, Lustau Cream Sherry, Patron Silver Tequila