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calgary criminal lawyer fees

Part of your due diligence is to make a good decision as how you wish to invest your hard earned money. 

If you intend on hiring a defence lawyer in Calgary, to defend your criminal charges you will soon discover that not all defence lawyers charge the same. The amount of the retainer does not always equate into the quality of your defence lawyer. 

If you wish to hire David Chow, you will be required to pay fees in at least two parts.

First, the retainer: this constitutes the initial deposit for David to start working for you. 

Second, the action fee: this is a flat fee designed to pay for specific types of service. For example, David will quote a trial fee, a guilty plea fee or fees for other services, such as obtaining Alternative Measures, conducting bail hearings or completing Peace Bonds. For any case that takes more than a full-day to complete, David usually charges a discounted per diem rate.

To understand the cost of your legal defence, call Calgary defence lawyer, David Chow for a free consultation today.

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