R. v. T.T.T.

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R. v. T.T.T.

(Calgary, P.C. - Theft Under). Unless the evidence discloses a "trust relationship", theft under $5000 is often considered to be a less serious offence. In many cases, the evidence supports theft by a kind of practical necessity; such as one where the accused steals because he or she is hungry or needs clothing for their children. These occasions of theft really highlight the social and economic disparity in our society.  

Other cases of theft are committed by persons with addiction issues. For example, theft often occurs in liquor stores -- committed by persons suffering from alcohol addiction. Other cases of theft are for greed. Even this latter category, however, is most often dealt with of diversion programs, available as a kind of second chance option for first time alleged offenders.  

TTT's case was resolved by way of Alternative Measures (AMP). Participating in AMP requires the consent of the prosecutor. TTT was mortally embarrassed by the criminal charges, and such, the very fact of being charged probably had the desired effect. TTT completed Alternative Measures and the charge was withdrawn. This was a very favourable outcome because it resulted in no criminal record and saved TTT trial fees.

An honest defence lawyer will always make best efforts to resolve a criminal case in a manner that does unreasonably strain the client's bank account. Charged with theft in Calgary? Do not plead guilty? Do Not risk the long terms impact of a criminal record. Call an experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer for a consultation.