R. v. S.A.S.

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R. v. S.A.S.

(Alta. P.C. - Fraud Over $5000). This accused person, with no prior criminal record, was charged with fraud over $5000. This case was especially troublesome because it involved allegations made by family members with animus. As many Calgary criminal lawyers understand: where the complainant has an axe-to-grind, the criminal charge may lack both credibility and reliability. Fraud cases can be particularly troublesome due to the fact that they are often document heavy cases that require a close inspection of all materials, not just those that support an interpretation consistent with criminal activity. 

"Fraud" is broady defined as a kind of deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. The common law has described it as a deceptive act designed to put the financial interests of another at risk. To charge fraud does not require proof of actual loss, only that the fraudulent action put the complainant's financial interest in jeopardy. 

It is not unusual for fraud to be misconstrued in criminal cases because it is often alleged by those who lost assets through the ordinary course and risk of doing business. 

In this case, the accused maintained innocence. The Defence forwarded its evaluation of the case to the Crown, who after reviewing the case, properly exercised its discretion to withdraw the charges. The timely withdrawal of the charges resulted in substantial cost savings to the accused who did to incur trial fees.

If you have been charged with fraud in Alberta, there are many Alberta criminal lawyers to choose from. Selecting the right criminal defence lawyer is often easier said than done -- especially in a fraud case. Fraud cases can be complex, document intensive cases that require a criminal defence lawyer with experience. To make the right choice, David Chow advises that you exercise all du diligence. Avoid the temptation of speaking to just one lawyer. Speak to several criminal lawyers in Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta. Listen carefully and get an idea about legal fees. Remember: in criminal law like everything else, you often pay for what you get. The only way for you to select the right defence lawyer is compare and contrast by doing several interviews. David Chow offers a free initial telephone consultation.