R. v. N.S.

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R. v. N.S.

(Calgary, P.C.J.) The accused was charged with dangerous driving, impaired driving, refusing to supply a breath sample and Traffic Safety Act charges. The accused filed Charter Notice and the case ultimately resolved  without the accused receiving a criminal record.  Though Prosecution services in Alberta are mandated to pursue a criminal record for all impaired driving and impaired driving related cases, the presence of additional TSA offences often provides some flexibility to resolve without a criminal record.  This flexibility arises because the TSA charge may provide a work around to policy set by the Minister of Justice.  In this case, N.S. benefited because as a result of credible Charter issues, the Crown and defence were able to make resolution possible to a non-criminal record disposition.  In all cases -- especially for persons without a criminal record -- the first priority is avoiding the imposition of a criminal record. Acquiring a criminal record can have deleterious life consequences. Even if you think your impaired driving case looks hopeless, you should nevertheless consult with a truly qualified Calgary impaired driving lawyer. Understand, not all defence lawyers can properly defend a DUI case.  Impaired driving and its related charges are more technical offences that require the assist of an impaired driving lawyer who understands the complex interplay between the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the common law. For a free consultation with Calgary DUI lawyer, David Chow, call 403.452.8018. David appears at all levels of Court.  If you are from Lethbridge, Brooks, Cochrane or surrounding area, visit David's other websites: