R. v. J.S.J.

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R. v. J.S.J.

(Calgary P.C. - Theft Under $5000). S.J. was charged with theft under $5000 for an incident that occurred at a local department store. In this case, it was alleged that S.J. was "standing six" for the co-accused. S.J. was at great risk due to the risk of deportation. 

It is not at all unusual for person's charged with theft under to be diverted with consent of the Prosecutor through a second chance program called Alternative Measures. The Alternative Measures Program (AMP) exists to move people out of criminal justice for minor allegations. Minor Criminal Code allegations includes theft under, minor assaults and possession of stolen property under $5000.  It is important to understand that only the Prosecutor can admit an accused to Alternative Measures.

S.J. successfully completed the Alternative Measures Program and the charge was withdrawn. 

David Chow is an experienced Calgary criminal lawyer who routinely helps clients avoid a criminal record while saving them legal fees by having them diverted through Alternative Measures and other non-criminal record outcomes.